How Artificial intelligence Can Aid Rather Than Replace Recruiters

Artificial intelligence can make lives easier for recruiters


The majority of the people fear the use of artificial intelligence, believing that it could somehow replace humans. Unlike what most people think, AI is more of an aid than a replacement. The same is applicable to the field of recruitment. Here is how the use of artificial intelligence can make lives easier for recruiters:

Automating tasks

Recruitment requires numerous tasks that are monotonous in nature. This includes going through resumes, screening candidates, and shortlisting them by collating the required data and analyzing the same. Since all of these tasks follow a certain pattern, using AI to carry them out leaves more time for recruiters to go about other tasks that require their active participation. Artificial intelligence, therefore, makes life easier for recruiters by taking care of tasks that can be automated. With the help of a good strategy and the right use of an HR management software, AI can work much faster in shortlisting the right candidates.

Replacing substandard screening measures

Studies have proven that humans lack the knack of selecting the right candidates owing to a number of factors. Lack of foresight could certainly be one while prejudice could be another. This fact comes as no surprise. The substandard means of filtering candidates, the views of interviewers blurring factual evidence, and the incorrect analysis of data are ruining the chances of companies finding the best talent. Using artificial intelligence as a solution to these problems before the handing over the finalizing decision to recruiters can work as a better talent management system.

Aiding in proactive hiring

Recruiters have had to do more than hire people. Going through hundreds of resumes, setting down parameters, cross-checking the skill set of candidates with the role specified, etc. made recruiting a harder task than it should be. The introduction of artificial intelligence in hiring solved a number of problems. With the task of collating data, screening candidates, and choosing the right ones for the next step falling to the AI you rely on, recruiters can find more time in proactive hiring. With no AI for backup, the HR team is forced to work on tasks that take away their time from being more active in interviewing candidates.

Helping build a rapport with the candidates

While AI is reliable in recruitment, there is one thing it certainly cannot do – building a relationship with the candidates. Judging a candidate based on their response under pressure is definitely not the best way to hire the right candidates. Recruiters can find out more about these candidates by building a rapport with them which is hampered if recruiters continue taking care of monotonous tasks such as screenings and handling resumes. Apart from the candidates being the right fit for the designated role, it is also important for them to fit into the culture that the company believes in following, which can only be determined with a good rapport built.

All of the above tasks are only possible with AI being the backbone of recruitment as an aid to recruiters.


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