How AI will pull content marketing back from the brink

Content marketing is a complicated and complex field, combining hard science with emotions and feelings


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just a movie from 2001 – it's the present and it's the future. For a lot of people, however, AI is a strange, interesting (and at times, terrifying) field.

Many people live in the fear that AI will replace them in their jobs. In some cases, this might be true, but the reality is that fields that require a lot of human input in terms of stirring emotions and bringing ideas into a persuasive light still can't be done by AI. Endgadget noted the completely factual yet drab output from their automated bot writer which shows how far AI has to come before it could even approach the best copywriters today, who can convince readers their need for something simply by writing persuasively. So if we don't have to worry about that in content marketing, is AI of any use to us? The answer is a resounding yes. While being replaced by an AI isn't the order of the day, learning from an AI is exactly what we need to help focus our efforts.

Targeting the right audience with AI

Content marketing requires us to use the data we have in order to better target our audience. Or at least that's what it's supposed to do. Humans have a problem in dealing with the amount of data we need to go through in order to make sense of where our focus is and what our users want. In this sense, content marketing is very much a numbers game, where we stand at the corner of a busy street and yell out of a bullhorn to passers-by. You know what's great with data? AI is, since it can sort through thousands of bits of data, categorize them and automatically draw conclusions from them.

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Content Marketing Institute noted that AI-powered customer insights made up a major implementation of AI into content marketing that could create a difference. What's more, AI that can categorize this information can be used to help in content curation, allowing a blogger to get the pulse of his or her audience a lot quicker than trolling through dozens of sites and articles to find the majority. With the correct rules, this could be done in a snap, even going so far as to save the links for the blogger.

Being more personal with impersonal AI

As we mentioned before, AI has a remarkable penchant to deal with data. On a daily basis, thousands, maybe even millions of people visit a site and leave a little bit of their personality behind based on what liked, what they interacted with and so on. It's possible to train an AI to notice these signs and then develop individual profiles for the people who visit, which can then be categorized in order to offer insights.

Personalization is at the forefront of demand, according to Marketing Tech which states that up to 80% of respondents on a survey were likely to buy from a company which offered personalized recommendations. These recommendations can get lots better thanks to a little research by the AI, creating customer profiles that work to improve these suggestions. People like what they like, it's up to our AI to figure out how to predict that.

An engaging personality

Ever since automated response systems were created, people have hated them. They love the convenience of the service, definitely, but they don't like to feel as though they're being directed by a robot. AI goes a long way toward solving this by giving the AI a personality. Machine learning allows a chatbot to look at each interaction it has and make improvements to how it deals with people, thereby developing a service-oriented attitude that is more predictable in how it handles customers. Chatbots have come into usage among many of the large online companies today, and their impact is noticeable, with up to 60% of customers willing to interact with a chatbot today according to Convince and Convert, demonstrating the changing attitudes toward speaking with an automated assistant supported by trained AI.

Can AI save content marketing?

In a nutshell, AI provides a lot of tools that content marketing can use to save itself. Can it do it all by itself? Doubtful, since engaging content isn't something it has the capability for doing. Can it help us be better content marketers? Most certainly.

Content marketing is a complicated and complex field. it combines hard science with emotions and feelings. While the data side of it can easily be handled and managed by AI, the emotions can only be done by a human, making it a job that no computer can ever do properly. Our profession is safe – at least until computers start getting feelings.

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