Hotel Chains, Airlines And Credit Cards With The Best Business Rewards

The companies that offer the best business rewards


Business travelers have so many choices available to them these days. Hotel chains, airlines, and credit cards have realized through customer analytics that providing great rewards can encourage people to use their services again and again. This guide picks out some of the best airlines, hotel chains, and credit cards to go for if you happen to be travelling for business purposes.

The best airlines for businesses

It should be said that a lot of airlines subscribe to the same concept when it comes to frequent flier miles. The more you fly, the more points you accrue. Then, after a while, you can then cash in these points for free seats. The problem is that some airlines won’t allow you to cash in these points on popular flights or routes, or they charge way more points than necessary in order for you to do it.

The following is the list of the best airlines for business travelers who want to claim their seats with a minimal amount of hassle:

- Air Berlin using the Top Rewards program.

- Southwest Airlines from the Rapid Rewards program.

- Virgin Australia using the Velocity program.

These three programs treat their business travelers fairly by allowing you to easily claim your rewards. You will never feel cheated when working with them.

The best hotel chains for businesses

When you choose from the best hotel chains for business, you want more than a small discount and a welcome drink. You want real value for money so you don’t have to spend any more than is necessary. For successful companies, they don’t necessarily have to innovate in order to get what they want. They simply have to offer a good deal.

Here are the best hotel chains for business travelers, and what they offer:

- Marriott Rewards gives a reward payback of 9.4%.

- Hilton HHonors provides a reward payback of 8.9%.

- IHG Rewards gives 8.6% in reward payback.

What this means is that Marriott Rewards, for example, will give you $9.40 for every $100 you spend with them. They are extremely generous and these points can be used to redeem free stays later on. But all these hotels are sweetening the deal by allowing the transfer of points.

These hotels have realized that they have a need to draw people away from nontraditional accommodation, such as Airbnb. By allowing younger people to trade in points immediately, rather than saving them up for years, they hope to entice people to stay with them. Business travelers should take advantage of this by enrolling in some of the programs here; it can really pay off in the long-term. Your next business trip could be completely free.

The best credit cards for businesses

The chances are you will be putting everything on a credit card when you travel for business. You want to make sure that you are getting a good value for the money, in this case. The best credit cards for businesses will give you great loyalty points and come with relatively low interest rates.

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to assume that you have no problems when it comes to your credit record.

- Ink Plus Business Credit Card.

- Bank of America Cash Rewards for Business MasterCard Credit Card.

- SimplyCash Plus Business Credit Card from American Express.

What you may be surprised to discover is that these cards are available to small businesses that want to get free travel. It’s true that there are cards specifically dedicated to those businesses that have hundreds of employees. In this case, though, small businesses can access the best rewards and the best credit cards.

Make sure you review the options available

This article has provided you with information relating to the best hotel chains, airlines, and credit cards for businesses right now. Things change all the time, though. Smart business owners check at least once a year to make sure they continue to use the best programs.

Not only does this make sure that you are getting the best possible deal, you can sometimes come across special offers as your former provider attempts to entice you back. What are your experiences with getting the best deal on business travel, and which providers do you currently use when you have to travel? 


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