Honda launches initiative to develop curious AI machine

Honda Research Institute partners with universities on three-year Curious Minded Machine initiative


US-based Honda Research Institute has announced a three-year program during which it will collaborate with researchers from MIT, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Washington on its cognitive robotics research initiative, Curious Minded Machine (CMM).

Honda Research Institute, established in 2003, has an aim to provide "innovative solutions to complex problems with direct applications to Honda's current and future technology roadmap".

The CMM initiative announcement follows Honda's 3E (Empower, Experience, Empathy) Robotics Concept, which was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018.

CMM will aim to explore the integration of machines with humans and society and forms one of Honda's approaches to realizing cooperative intelligence (CI).

"The CI concept is AI embedded in a social context that enables people to build confidence and trust with artificial systems," Honda said.

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Honda Research Institute principal scientist Soshi Iba said: "Our ultimate goal is to create new types of machines that can acquire an interest in learning and knowledge, and the ability to interact with the world and others.

"We want to develop CMMs that use curiosity to serve the common good by understanding people's needs, empowering human capability and ultimately addressing complex societal issues," he added.

On completion of the three-year initiative, Honda said that each university would be expected to develop prototypes that will act the foundation for CMM.

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