Honda demos new tech innovation for traffic management in Ohio

Honda launches its Smart Intersection technology in partnerships with the City of Marysville and the State of Ohio to enhance traffic management


In a move to help reduce traffic collisions, Honda has deployed its Smart Intersection technology in Marysville, Ohio. The technology has the capability to identify concealed hazards "to virtually see through and around buildings", Honda said.

The development was created in partnership with the City of Marysville and the State of Ohio, as part of its smart mobility project to improve traffic management, roadway incidents and conditions by utilizing advanced technology and data analysis.

The new technology adopts vehicle-to-everything (V2X) and will leverage Honda's proprietary object recognition software and intersection-mounted cameras.

Honda VP of strategic research at Honda R&D Americas, Ted Klaus, said: "Honda believes that V2X technology is an essential component of a smarter and safer transportation ecosystem and can play a role in our dream for a zero-collision society.

"By partnering with the City of Marysville and the State of Ohio, we believe this research will give us a better understanding of how V2X technologies can be further advanced and most effectively deployed for the benefit of all road users," he added.

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According to Honda, Smart Intersection will place four cameras above traffic lights at each corner of an intersection to capture birds-eye-view videos of vehicles and pedestrian traffic within a 300-foot radius to identify important information. It will then transmit the pertinent information to surrounding vehicles via a dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) signal.

"Each connected vehicle's onboard computer decodes the information and, when necessary, provides both visible and audible alerts to the driver, intelligently supporting them to take corrective action to avoid a potential collision," Honda stated.

Additionally, Honda said that it aims to deploy "highly automated highway driving capability" by 2020 and "2025 for the technological achievement of SAE Level 4 automated vehicles for personal use".

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