The Emerging Tech Trends Of 2016

Interesting tech developments revolutionalizing businesses performance


In the coming few years, smart end-points spreading intellectual abilities everywhere will not surprise us at all. Smartphones, the Internet of Things, Mobile and other digital media have been strongly affecting our lives for some time now. The drastic shift from brick-and-mortar shops to growing online outlets, publishers sharing vast amount of content in real-time, tech giants replacing desktops with mobile devices – almost every facet of modern life is in some way affected by advancements in technology.

The growing tech innovations are emerging as a remedy for almost every business qualm, thus leading to enhanced productivity gains and unprecedented growth. Technology is penetrating our lives in various ways, shapes and forms. 2015 brought us some good memories. And, as 2016 dawns, it is expected that a stream of tech innovations will shape business performance for its betterment, creating space for sustainable growth and high productivity. We took a look at just some of the helpful developments emerging in several verticals of tech space:

Seamless Connectivity with Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Smart shoes, fitness bands, smart watches, smart apparels; the market has extended much beyond just connected eye wear. This is clearly visible through statistics revealed by Forbes - the wearable tech market is expected to treble in the next five years. From business settings to mining industries to the health sector, wearable technology is seeping its way into almost every industry.

The mobile workforce no longer need to pull out their smartphones in order to access critical information in unfamiliar locations. Sales representatives can enhance their customer service experience by getting access to live data as needed. An amazing example of this is Salesforce Wear, in which many of the applications have been aggregated to simplify a range of tasks.

Growing Phenomena of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing significant change, not only to our business practices, but also to our lifestyles. Devices and objects connected to the internet range from smartphones, smart cars, smart watches, smart thermostats to smart fridges – all of the connected devices collect data from our daily experiences, and interpret it to, in turn, add value to our lives.

These connected devices gather and disseminate information to the big data world, enabling businesses to gain insight into an otherwise inaccessible bulk of information instantly, and thus allow companies to execute smarter business decisions. Forbes has revealed the enormous potential and seemingly limitless opportunities created by the Internet of Things, with Frost & Sullivan anticipating that 2016 will, in many ways, be the year the IoT catches fire.

Arrival of Over-the-top Players

Residential voice markets like calling cards and call shops are a thing of the past. Such radical changes in the traditional telephony market are the result of significant technological developments. A considerable part of the international voice and SMS market is being acquired by OTT applications such as WhatsApp, Google Voice, Viber and Facebook Messenger. 

The Over-the-top players do not require any particular business affiliation with traditional network providers. Your business clients, consumers and workforce simply need a smartphone and an internet connection to initiate communication.

Improved Collaboration Tools

2016 has brought into the limelight emerging players in the VoIP market, such as Microsoft and its Office 365 offerings which, at present, is providing Skype for businesses associated with Microsoft’s UC services. This is just one of the emerging collaboration tools for businesses that are being transformed into fully unified communications applications.

The conventional collaboration industry is now moving to the cloud, with key players such as Dropbox and next-generation collaboration software like Slack and HipChat, making the move. Frost & Sullivan has released insights on other tools accelerating towards cloud – on-premise web-conferencing is being taken over by low-priced cloud video-conferencing solutions enabling real-time communications and document sharing, leading to the opening up of new business vistas.

Personalized Experience with 3D-printing

Adding up simplicity, speed and agility in the process of developing ideas with 3D-printing has revolutionized not just business processes, but also our personal lives. Microsoft have facilitated their hardware to execute 3D scanning with their Kinect tool, clearly indicating that hand-held devices such as smartphones will have integrated 3D scanners in future.

Simply, it would be ideal to be capable of quickly testing ideas in a short time. Designs can be verified before investing in a costly moulding tool, and this can aid businesses to incorporate unique business solutions within a limited budget.

Wrapping it up

The rise in tech innovations is giving businesses, above all things, speed and agility. Thus, they promote improved performance and help ensure business success. Also, they often eliminate the need for additional resources and moving the highest potential to the crux of business. A myriad of services are coming up in the technology world, with easy-to-access interface via video, audio, file sharing tools and web conferencing services. These advancements are enabling businesses to instantly collaborate with each other by taking the very best out of the technology at hand.


Author Bio:

Shraddha Tewari, skilled and accomplished ‘Digital Marketing Strategist’ is formally associated with AceCloudHosting and CallCenterHosting which provides myriad of contact center solutions. In a nutshell, she can be best described as an elusive reader and technology evangelist. Her strong interest in cloud technology and software developments enables her associations to streamline business processes.

She can be followed @tewarishraddha1

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