Here are three fundamentals for a successful mobile app implementation

Selecting a reputed smartphone app development company is necessary to ensure that you get the best customized e-commerce application for your brand


Several studies have pointed out that smartphone owners spend as much as two hours and 49 minutes on their phone each day. The use of smartphones has impacted people's shopping behavior as well. Between June and September 2017, 40% of all the online transactions around the world were made using tablets, PCs and smartphones. Thus, the success story for any e-commerce company cannot be completed without a mobile application. Here are some crucial points to be considered while planning your app strategy.

Understand the targeted users

Before approaching an application development company, it is necessary to understand the product or service’s target audience to ensure your app maintains prominence from day one. Who would show interest in your product? Which categories do most of your products or services belong to? What age group do you plan to target? Would your targeted app users appreciate a scroll function, or would they prefer to click and open product details while using the application? Most importantly, would your target audiences use the application for merely checking the product details or would they also prefer making purchases through it? The answers to these questions will help you select the features and theme that can help you appeal to your consumers.

Some of the popularly used application development technologies by mobile app developers are Appcelerator, Xamarin, React Native, Java, Swift, Objective C, Android Studio, and Xcode.

Focus on roping-in genuine users to make revenue from day one

The Heart+Mind Strategies research from Google pointed out that people who download mobile apps due to the exclusive deals often end up deleting the same app within a few days. The results of this study once again certified the fact that application users drawn with massive discounts may not keep the app installed after the end of the discount period. Such users probably do not use the application on a regular basis.

Media partnerships and discounts can drive the number of low-quality installs, but these excellent app install numbers fail to contribute to revenue growth. Thus, instead of focusing on install counts, some experts suggest companies should focus on the amount of revenue that the users help generate from day one. Consumers who stay with the app longer and make purchases are crucial for new companies.

The app needs to earn a spot on the consumer’s smartphone

Few of factors that urge users to uninstall apps are: Lengthy registration forms, constant pop-ups to rate the application, the unnecessary collection of data and default activation for application notifications. Taking care of these issues can ensure your application does not harass its users. Following appropriate practices can help small and large firms to win app users' confidence and earn a spot on their device.

Company's relationship with customers can be made long-term and profitable with the help of a marketing campaign that can keep the users engaged. Consumers who opt to receive notifications for offers and product news are more likely to stick with the app and buy products.

Selecting a reputed smartphone app development company is necessary to ensure that you get the best-customized e-commerce application for your brand.

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