Hacker Hunting: Everything You Need To Know About Email And Messenger Security

5 tips for email and messenger security


Everyone is aware of the importance of internet security, but the problem is that it often takes a backseat because everyone believes that it won’t happen to them. However, it is a fact that you are only a few clicks away from dealing with a security disaster, whether we talk about the hacking attempts of cyber-criminals or the newest virus introduced. This is especially true in the case of emails and instant messengers that are in use today. These areas have become the hunting ground for hackers and scammers who are constantly on the lookout for victims.

Due to the widespread use of email and messengers, there is no shortage of potential marks and a large number of people end up with a security mess on their hands. So, how can you prevent that from happening? Here is everything you need to know about email and messenger security:

Never give out your identity

Whether you are making an email account or an account for messenger, it is better that you don’t use your real name or identity. Knowing your name is the first step for a hacker and you should not provide them with this information on a platter. Choose a screen name or something ambiguous so it doesn’t tell them who you really are.

Don’t communicate with people outside your contact list

Vet your contact list and make sure it only comprises of people who you do know. Talking with someone anonymous, whether through email or messenger, is fraught with risk. These platforms can be used for unearthing your IP, which can then be used for launching a remote cyber-attack. Don’t make the mistake of believing everything you read and always verify any request for information before handing it out.

Don’t open spam links

It is natural for people to be bombarded with links to various websites through email and messenger and doing so could be the biggest mistake on your part. These links could be the gateway to malware that’s installed on your device and then steals your information. They could also contain viruses that could wipe out your data and cause many problems for you.

Don’t let potential criminals reach you

Email offers you the spam option and messengers usually have a block option that you can use for ignoring anyone who seems to be consistently bothering you. Never make the mistake of interacting with random people who could be potential criminals. You never know what you may let slip and they can use it against you.

Always stay updated

The best way to ensure e-mail security and messenger security is to ensure that your device and apps are updated. The updates are designed to fix any security loopholes that may exist and can be used for criminal activities. Updating can provide you with the protection you need against common cyber-risks.

As long as you bear these tips in mind, you will be able to keep yourself safe against the risks associated with email and messengers. 


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