GUESS partners with Alipay to connect with Chinese consumers

New alliance offers Chinese consumers seamless payment transaction when travelling in the US


International apparel brand and retailer, GUESS, have established an alliance with Alipay, a Chinese mobile wallet app, to cater to the growing number of Chinese consumers traveling to the US.

The alliance will provide Chinese travelers with a seamless payment transition when visiting US GUESS stores. Additionally, the app uses a "discover" function which geolocates nearby GUESS stores.

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“GUESS is a globally recognized brand that Chinese consumers seek out when visiting the US, and we are thrilled to simplify their checkout experience in GUESS stores,” said Souheil Badran, president of Alipay Americas.

“By enabling these travelers to pay using the Alipay app, we are ensuring that they will have the best shopping experience, unimpeded by any language or payment barriers. Our partnership also provides GUESS with a sophisticated marketing channel to promote the GUESS brand to the Chinese consumers during their trip.”

Alipay was founded in 2004 and is owned by Alibaba, a Chinese multinational e-commerce company. According to Alipay, the app currently has 520 million users and supports 27 currencies and 250 overseas financial institutions and payment providers. They recently announced that they have integrated blockchain technology to streamline the payment process.

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