Growth hacking strategies to scale your ecommerce business

Here are some of the best ways to rapidly raise your sales


Every new business needs customers to grow big. Growth hacking means how you can gain new users for your business. It is the process of identifying and implementing strategies that help your product to grow.

In the words of Sean Ellis, popular Angel Investor and CEO of Growth Hackers, “Sustainable growth comes from understanding your best customers and how to find and acquire more of them”.

If you have an online business then make use of the below strategies to effectively scale your e-commerce business.

1- Try to get Into the buyer’s mind

Your team can’t generate sales if they aren’t able to get into the buyer’s mind. This is where consumer psychology comes into play.

  • Learn from your data. Identify answers to the questions like: When do the customers buy? and why do they buy?. Maybe you can find out what your competitors are doing wrong and capitalize on it.
  • Create a survey to identify the problems your customers face and what they expect from your company.
  • Innovate beyond the customer’s desires. Henry Ford once said “if I had asked what do you want? They would have said - faster horses”. Ford thought beyond the desires of the customers and invented the car.
  • Keep an effective conversation between your brand and your customers with the help of email marketing.
  • Create chatbots focussed on voice SEO with tools like TalktoBot and identify the exact needs of your customers in real time.

2- Take the help of referrals

Referral marketing is one of the most important strategies to implement when it comes to increasing your online sales. Your team must know how to create a high performing referral program.

Referral marketing is extremely close to word of mouth marketing because here your company mostly generates leads by way of word of mouth referrals. This means the chances of conversions and the lifetime value of such customers will always be higher as compared to other channels. People trust the words of their family and friends and this is why referral marketing is so powerful.

Here are some great suggestions to keep in mind for successful online referral marketing:

  • Deliver an outstanding customer experience because customers will never share referrals if they don’t love your brand.
  • Provide a hefty commission to agents.
  • Capitalize on each and every channel where referral marketing can be implemented.
  • Make sure to have an easy referral process in order to avoid any confusion.
  • Take the help of influencer marketing and reap in micro influencer to share referrals. You can easily find influencers who are talking about your industry using platforms like Mention.
  • Take the help of customer testimonials and case studies.
  • Stay in regular contact with your current and past customers.
  • Make the referral process interactive and add a fun element to it.

3- Be consistent in communication and experience

You need to be consistent in communication across all channels. To create a consistent customer experience, follow the below steps:

  • Adopt a clear mission statement and strongly follow it.
  • Always deliver on your brand promise because if the understanding between you and your customer gets broken, your brand will lose to your competitors.
  • Establish a unique brand voice that extends beyond the text. Your brand voice must be consistent across all channels like the website, social media, text messaging, emails, banners, ads etc.
  • Make it easier for the customers to browse your website.
  • Have a customer service team that remains available 24x7.
  • Ask your customer support team to speak politely and respond to the customer queries in a timely manner.
  • Follow the 3 C’s of customer satisfaction - Consistency, consistency and consistency.

4- Leverage the power of omnichannel retailing

Omnichannel retailing offers the consumers the same unified approach across all channels of sale both offline and online. Omnichannel sales and marketing is a great differentiator for successful e-commerce businesses, helping them maximize the output from their business processes.

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You can make use of tools like Shopify POS to have a physical store presence and leverage the digital capabilities e-shop, built using the Shopify store builder.

A POS machine is extremely helpful because it comes with the following advantages:

  • You get real-time and transparent inventory information, across all channels.
  • You can accept credit card payments, and any other form of payment, as long as your Shopify e-commerce store supports it.
  • Send receipts to customers via email or text message.
  • Apply promotional offers and deal prices.
  • Process refunds in an easier and faster manner.

The above advantages offer high-quality customer experiences across all the contact channels leading to more sales.

4- Make proper use of analytics

Your marketing campaigns are bound to get failed if you don’t use proper data analytics to drive better business insights. You need analytics to perform better than your competitors and to see which campaigns performed beyond the expectations.

Equip your sales marketing team with proper analytic tools and train them to derive information out of the available data. Ask your marketing team to follow the below ways to optimally use the available analytical data:


The above growth hacking strategies will work like magic and help you to acquire more customers within a short period of time. Always remember to experiment with out of the box strategies and never be afraid to try something new. This is where you can beat your competitors.

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