Growing A High Performing Work Environment

Outperform your competition in revenue and sales by building a high performing work environment


High performing businesses will generally outperform their competition in revenues, sales, and net income. So how can you be sure that your business has a high performing environment? Here are a few tips on making sure that your employees are given the work environment they need to ensure your place is in the top spot, above your competition.

Recognize Your Employees

One of the key ways your business can make sure your employees have the environment that allows them to outperform your competition is to give them an adequate recognition for the things they do well. As humans, your employees enjoy being told that they are doing a good job, and if they know that recognition and reward are their prizes, they will continue to do their job well until the rewards stop.

An example of recognition would be to single out some of your highest performers and have them recognized in front of the company. This is the purpose of programs like 'Employee of the Month.' By recognizing them in front of their peers, it also fosters a sense of friendly competition that will motivate other employees to try to get that top spot.

Another way of recognizing your employees is to have sales or production goals set and corresponding rewards for reaching those goals. By setting a goal, you are saying to your employees that if they go above and beyond, they are going to be recognized for their hard work. Rewarding the department that gets to their goal first would also foster that sense of competition that motivates us to go further. Recognizing the department as a whole forms a cohesive bond within the department, and could lay the groundwork for further efficiencies down the line as well.

Keep the Employees’ Health in Mind

Employees like to know that they are taken care of. This is why one of the first questions employees would ask about a prospective job is what the health benefits are. To be fair, health care costs are extremely expensive, and they can be downright debilitating for someone making a modest wage and no benefits. That is why you need to make sure your employees are insured and that they know all about their benefits.

It is your job to look up the insurance quotes that will get your employees the best coverage they can get for the lowest price for your business. One way to help to keep the high performing work environment is to allow employees to let you know which coverages they find the most important. You can then compile their answers and send them to insurance companies to see if they can work out a bundled rate to get all of the coverages your employees want.

It is also important to reward employees for the healthy lifestyle. Having health competitions, such as fitness challenges, will not only motivate your employees to eat better and exercise more in the name of competition, but it will also show that your business cares about its workers, fostering the higher performing workplace.

Give Employees the Ownership

Another area where you can help to promote high performance is in giving employees the ownership over projects and process flows. When it comes to businesses, one of the worst things they can do to their front-line employees is to say: 'Management wants it done this way, so do it.' There is nothing worse for an employee than not knowing why they are doing something. This creates a rift between the office employees and management, and the front-line employees that are doing the bulk of work. Let your front-line employees join planning meetings. Let them determine how to get certain processes done. By making them a part of the planning process, they will feel more responsible for the project and ensure that it gets done within the time limit, within a budget, and in the most efficient way possible.

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