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Apps small business owners can use to improve their productivity


During the start of our business venture, whether it is small or large, we are very excited and enthusiastic. But as the business starts to grow, we find out that every task becomes tiresome because every step requires proper planning and there are dozens of phases that you need to take care of before entering the execution stage.

Thankfully, heaps of readymade apps and tools are available for Android devices that are specifically designed for small business owners to help with the key business aspects like team management, scheduling, communication with clients, and monitoring cash flow. All of which will make your business more efficient than ever.

Here, I have outlined the 31 must-have Android apps that are most suitable for small business owners:


Being a small business owner, you need to manage a lot of paperwork and keep track of all the official and legal procedures to make sure your business is running smoothly. Here are a few apps that will help you digitalize those documents and papers along with the ability to let you create and edit documents on the go:

1. WPS Office – WPS Office for Android consists of Writer, Spreadsheets, Presentation, and even a support for PDFs that fulfills all your needs to browse, edit, and create documents, sheets, and presentations directly on your mobile device.

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader – While managing a business, you are going to come across a large number of documents in PDF format. That is exactly why you need to have the Adobe Reader app installed on your phone. The app provides you with the ability to annotate PDFs and take quick notes. You can even digitally sign documents and fill forms.

3. TinyScanner – There are times when you need to quickly scan an important document and send it to your client, but what if you are unable to find a scanner? That’s where you can use TinyScanner app to transforms your phone’s camera into a portable scanner to scan and share any document or picture.

4. DocuSign – Do you know the DocuSign app helps you speed up your business and legal paperwork processing by digitally signing any documents, papers, and even PDF based documents in the most secure way. This will completely eliminate the trouble of printing, mailing, and faxing documents.


Regardless of the size of your business and team, effective communication is an important part of operating a small business. And with the right communication solution, small business owners can watch their companies grow and succeed. These apps can help you and your business team members communicate in the best way possible:

5. WhatsApp Messenger – WhatsApp is the most reliable communication app compatible with all major mobile platforms, supports voice and video calling, allow you to create groups. You can even share files like PDFs, documents, presentations with your contacts. And above all, it is end-to-end encrypted.

6. Call Recorder – There are times when you are having a conversation with your team or client and don’t have enough time to note down what is being said or discuss for later reference. That is where you can record the whole call and then easily refer to it later when you are working on it.

7. Skype – One of the features not supported by WhatsApp Messenger mentioned above is the group calling functionality. In those cases when you want to have a conference call with your whole team, you can effortlessly achieve that using Skype as it supports free group calling with 25 people simultaneously.

8. Blue Mail – When managing a business, you need to take care of multiple email accounts from different providers. Rather than using a separate app for each email account and switching back and forth between them, Blue Mail let you swiftly manage all your accounts under an intuitive and unified UI.

Marketing & Social Media Accounts Management

Do you find it challenging to visit your business’s official social media accounts due to the lack of time? Don’t worry, these powerful social media accounts management apps will help you manage all your accounts in one place while saving your precious time:

9. Hootsuite – Having multiple social media accounts and updating all of them becomes time-consuming but with Hootsuite you can schedule posts and manage all of your social media profiles including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. You can even monitor the performance of those posts.

10. Buffer – It’s similar to Hootsuite but supports even more social media platforms including Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can schedule any content or media to be posted at customized time. And then check how your posts performed right from your phone.

11. Facebook Pages Manager – Facebook has gained a lot of traction lately and if your product or service is more targeted towards Facebook user base then Facebook Pages Manager will help you manage pages, reply to messages, and view your page’s insight.

12. MailChimp – Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing medium for any business. With MailChimp, you can build and manage your email lists, design professional newsletter templates, and set up marketing campaigns. The free version with 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month is enough for small business to get started.

Generating Invoices, Cost Estimations, and Quotations

As a small business owner, you must need to be well aware of the importance of generating invoices, making cost estimations, and quotations i.e. if you don’t make invoice then how are your clients going to pay you for the services? There are a plenty of solutions but here are the three best options to make invoicing simplified:

13. Invoice Simple – Just like the name of the app, Invoice Simple will let you generate professional-looking invoices and send estimates to your clients and customers with ease in PDF format. You can create, send, track invoices, and manage billing right from your phone.

14. Invoice 2go – Invoice 2go is a cloud-based invoicing app that is perfect for all types of small business owners to generate invoices on the go. It will also help you stay organized and save an enormous amount of time by keeping all your generated invoices synced with all your Android devices.

15. Zoho Invoice – Zoho Invoice is a powerful and the most simplified invoicing app that will help you generate impressive invoices in a matter of minutes. Other features include generating invoices based on the working hours, expense management, and analyze your business performance.


Small business owners are usually tempted to perform all the tasks by themselves. Right from the idea to the strategy and execution, the owner is well aware of the services and products, how it should be promoted, and distributed to the right audience. But to be able to take your business to the new level, you must need to assign some tasks to the team members. Here are several apps to manage your team and make sure each one of them is performing the assigned tasks on time:

16. Wunderlist – If you have a list of tasks that you need to accomplish then add them to the Wunderlist app, which will let you manage all of them and get stuff done within the assigned deadline. Moreover, you can assign tasks to your team members and discuss tasks in the comments section to keep everything organized.

17. Slack – Do you find it hard to search for the old files, messages, or conversations between you and your team members? Try Slack. It has the capability to archive everything discussed for future reference and you can find any piece of conversation using search. Also, the app is user-friendly and makes small business team communication streamlined.

18. Asana – Asana is the most suitable app for teamwork where you can discuss everything from the tasks to the individual projects. It helps you keep all of your work streamlined and in one place so you won’t need to waste any time switching between emails and task lists and focus on getting things done.

Scheduling & Time Management

Time is the number one asset for any business owner because it is finite. Everyone got twenty-four hours every single day, but to be able to make the most out of the time you need to spend some of it in scheduling tasks and planning your day. Also, to be more efficient, you need to track how your time is being spent. These apps will help you track your time and use it productively:

19. aCalendar – All Android phone and tablet devices come with a built-in calendar app but due to certain limitations and lack of functionalities I will recommend aCalendar. It will help you with daily tasks management, scheduling your upcoming meetings, setup reminders, and manage your agenda.

20. aTimeLogger – Do you know how much time you are spending on each of your business tasks? aTimeLogger will help you track and record all the time you are spending on your personal as well as work-related tasks, all of the statistics are then represented in an easy to analyze diagrams and graphs so that you can further optimize your time.

21. RescueTime – RescueTime is a simple and powerful time tracking app that can track the time you are spending on each of your mobile apps for example voice calling, social media apps, web browser, and any other app. It can even sync with your computer and generate a compiled report so that you can fine-tune your schedule and get rid of distractions while making the most out of your day.

Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage services are expensive and most of the small business owners cannot afford it. However, depending on the requirements of your business, there are services that you can use to improve your business’s capabilities to share, access, backup, and sync important data across computers and devices. That too at a nominal cost. Here are some of the greatest cloud storage apps:

22. Google Drive – Google Drive is one of the best cloud services you are going to use for your business as the app comes preinstalled with all Android devices. And every Android user has a Google account, which makes it quick for you to share files and documents with your clients and team.

23. Dropbox – Dropbox is another good alternative for cloud storage that let you store and share files securely with anyone. The sync and offline storage feature are designed to help you keep important files on your device and access them even when you don’t have the Internet connectivity.

24. Send Anywhere – Are you in a locality that has slow Internet connectivity but you want to share some large files quickly with any nearby device/computer? Use Send Anywhere to instantly send files, videos, photos or any media using WiFi Direct without relying on the Internet or Data connectivity.

Payments Management

With the advancement in technology, the small business owners are now able to effortlessly accept payments from the clients and customers at affordable rates as well as swiftly manage payments. Here are a couple of best apps that will help you get your money from your clients:

25. PayPal Business – PayPal Business is specially designed by PayPal to help small business owners like you to keep track of your PayPal business account right from your mobile device. The app allows you to send invoices to your clients, manage sales, check account activity, receive payments, and even transfer your money.

26. Square – Do you know that with Square you can process payments by attaching Square Magstripe card reader to your device? You can then accept payments from anywhere anytime by swiping all the major credit cards and get the money deposited right into your bank account.

Task Automation

You can enhance your overall productivity and save a significant amount of time by automating those tasks that you perform on your Android device frequently. For example, if you regularly share a picture on your Instagram profile then you can automate the process of sharing the same picture on your Twitter and Facebook page. Here are the apps you can use to automate tasks:

27. MacroDroid– Tasker can help you with automating the tasks you perform on your Android device, making it an ultimate AI device. You can automate almost everything from the settings to the messaging.

28. IFTTT – IFTTT is the most efficient and modernized task automation tool that can link with all most of the online services and platforms including MailChimp, Twitter, Instagram, weather apps, email apps. For you as a business owner, IFTTT can automatically add any new payment received via Square to a spreadsheet.


The key aim of being productive is to become efficient and well organized at the tasks you are performing. Here are the two of my most favorite productivity apps that will be useful for any small business owner:

29. SwiftKey Keyboard – Are you frustrated over constant typos and mistakes while using the keyboard on your phone? Switch to SwiftKey keyboard because it comes with an artificial intelligence that learns your writing style and provides enhanced prediction and effective auto correction.

30. Pocket – With Pocket, you can save all of your business ideas, content, articles, and any web link for quick and easy access later on your mobile or computer. The best feature is that you can access all the saved content without the requirement of active Internet connection, which means all the information is available offline.

Finance & Accounting

We all know that owning and running a small business is a complicated and tiresome task. Apart from the development, marketing, and selling of your product/services, you are responsible for handling the financial aspect too. And being up-to-date with the current finances is important to make prompt business decisions.

31. Zoho Books – If you want to track the financial aspect of your business including cash flow, invoicing, sales, marketing, and other accountancy then Zoho Books is the best cloud-based accounting software specifically targeted towards small business owners and will help you manage a wide range of businesses from anywhere.


Having the right blend of apps will help you restructure your business tasks, streamline communication, making efficient business decisions, being productive while keeping yourself and your team on the track.

Which apps and tools do you use on your Android mobile devices to manage your business tasks?


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