Google takes over DeepMind Health

DeepMind's health unit, DeepMind Health, will now operate under Google so it can continue its health research with the tech giant's help in the marketing of its products


DeepMind has confirmed that its DeepMind Health outfit is being handed over to Google to continue its health research and academic partnerships but with the search engine mogul marketing its products.

As of this week, DeepMind Health will operate under Google Health, while other DeepMind sectors will remain independent from Google.

DeepMind, Alphabet's AI arm, was founded in 2010 and now employs 700 people across the world. In 2016 the DeepMind Health unit started out with just 15 employees to help the UK's NHS by providing apps and services; the unit now employs more than 100 people.

One of DeepMind Health's flagship products is Streams, an app aimed to help physicians in delivering better and faster care to patients. DeepMind's goal is to make Streams into an AI assistant for clinicians, a project at least 10 hospitals in the UK have signed up for.

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"Our vision is for Streams to now become an AI-powered assistant for nurses and doctors everywhere – combining the best algorithms with intuitive design, all backed up by rigorous evidence," head of DeepMind Health Dominic King and co-founders Demis Hassabis and Mustafa Suleyman wrote in a blog post.

"The team working within Google, alongside brilliant colleagues from across the organization, will help make this vision a reality," they added.

The Streams team will remain in London and continue to operate under King.

While announcing the new reshuffling, DeepMind also revealed that it has acquired a university spinout company who has developed a clinical task management app called Hark to continue its work in the UK healthcare sector.

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