Google's hybrid cloud platform arrives

The new platform runs on AWS, Azure and other third-party clouds, offering a single managed service for managing and deploying workloads across clouds


Google's hybrid cloud platform has come out of its beta stage and the company has revealed that the product, which it has also renamed Anthos, runs on AWS and Azure and other, third-party clouds.

The platform is used for managing hybrid clouds that span on-premise data centers and will now offer a single managed service that will allow clients to manage and deploy workloads across clouds without having to worry about different environments and APIs.

"We will support Anthos and AWS and Azure as well, so people get one way to manage their application and that one way works across their on-premise environments and all other clouds," explained Urs Hölzle, senior VP of engineering at Google.

"You can use one consistent approach – one open-source based approach – across all environments," he added. "I can't really stress how big a change that is in the industry, because this is really the stack for the next 20 years, meaning that it's not really about the three different clouds that are all randomly different in small ways. This is the way that makes these three cloud – and actually on-premise environments, too – look the same."

Google's platform aims to address the issues its customers have dealing with multi-cloud and hybrid, something Hölzle describes as "an acute pain point" for many organizations. While containers are adept at addressing these issues, few businesses have created a unifying strategy that manages the deployments and expertise in major clouds is required to get the most out of them. 

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