Google opens its first AI research center in Africa

Search giant's new AI research center in Accra, Ghana, will attempt to find solutions to common problems found across Africa


Google has opened the first AI research center in Africa in Ghana's capital of Accra.

The lab will use AI to develop solutions to common problems found across the African continent in areas such as healthcare and education, as well as in agriculture in which the lab will attempt to diagnose certain types of crop disease.

Through its new AI center, Google will attempt to enhance AI development regionally by working with universities and startups in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

During the official opening of the center, Google AI Accra head Moustapha Cisse told Daily Mail GH: "Being here in Africa, attracting an international team of researchers and engineers, allows us to raise awareness, so that policy makers will better understand the importance of AI technology.

"I hope they will invest more in AI education across Africa and also promote its application and its effective use in different areas," Cisse added. "I strongly believe that AI has a bright future in Africa. Africa has a lot to give to AI and AI has a lot to give to Africa."

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