Google Launches Chrome Enterprise Subscription Service For Chrome OS

Google is planning on moving forward with their Chromebook devices


The all-time tech giant, Google, is launching a new service for its cloud-based Chrome OS. The Enterprise Subscription service is aimed towards large businesses that want to implement Chrome OS in their organizations, but are not fully ready yet to adopt a cloud-only solution.

That's why the new service from Google offers IT administrators at large companies the ability to manage multiple devices running on Chrome from a single management solution using the tools and the infrastructure already available to them. Moreover, it seems that Google is planning on moving forward with their Chromebook devices and expand from retail and education where they're commonly used, to the large business market.

New features

The Enterprise service includes full support and compatibility for Microsoft's Active Directory. In addition, customers can use the credentials they already have to validate their credentials across various devices, as well as Google Cloud services, such as Google Play. This new service from Google will cost $50 per year, per device using Chrome OS.

Google's idea for enterprise services originated from willingness to allow companies to manage Chromebooks with the same management system used for Microsoft PC's. This new service will give large companies the opportunity to fully utilize Google's cloud services and dig deeper into data with integrated analytics, as well as utilize the flexibility provided. Also, neither companies nor employees will have to familiarize themselves with a new environment, but instead keep working in the one they've already gotten used to.

The product manager for Chrome Enterprise, David Karam, said: 'We know IT admins face the challenge of managing a broad range of devices in today's business landscape. And it's critical to have the power to manage all devices using a single unified endpoint management solution. Which is why Chrome Enterprise now gives customers the ability to manage all their Chrome devices from a single management solution.'

Furthermore, The Enterprise service is compatible with VMware Workspace ONE that's powered by VMware AirWatch, which is an enterprise mobility management software. Karam explains: 'The compatibility of Chrome Enterprise with VMware Workspace ONE will enable organizations to deliver device policies using customizable assignment of groups based on geography, device platform, department, role, and more – simplifying policy enforcement across the company.'

Karam also said: 'IT admins can also provide employees with access to all enterprise applications – cloud, web, native Android, virtual Windows – from a single app catalog to deliver a consistent experience to employees anywhere, anytime, on any device. Chrome device users can even access full Windows desktops and applications, helping to accelerate the adoption of Chrome devices in the enterprise.'

Sumit Dhawan, a senior vice president and general manager of VMware, explains: 'The consumerization of the enterprise has left IT managing multiple operating systems on a variety of devices—some provided by the business and others brought in by employees. As Chrome OS continues to gain momentum, our customers are eager to manage these devices consistently along with all other endpoints including mobile devices.' He also said: 'Using Workspace ONE, our customers will be able to securely manage the lifecycle of Chromebooks along with all their other end points giving them better security and a consistent user experience across all devices.'

Google is moving forward

The Enterprise Subscription service brings serious new features to the table. Aside from integration with Microsoft's Active Directory and VMware's Workspace ONE, Google's new service also offers multi-layered security and automatic updates, Chrome remote desktop, managed extensions and browser management, 24/7 support and many other including printer management, which is still important in the business world.

In addition, Google will offer various apps on multiple Chrome devices in their service. What that means is that Google is already planning on bringing Play Store to Chromebooks, which will open doors for various android apps to become available on Chrome devices. Furthermore, it seems that businesses are eager to incorporate Chrome into their organizations, due to the fact that Chrome Enterprise will bring them many benefits.

Andrew Lewis, a senior manager at Global Information Systems for Whirlpool, said: 'At Whirlpool Corporation, we want technology to empower employees to do great things. Chrome OS has helped our organization do just that by enabling employees to be their most productive, whenever and wherever. Utilizing cloud-ready devices, specifically Chromebooks and G Suite, has fostered a safer, more secure, and faster user experience for both customers and employees.'

Whether Google is positioning itself to be more competitive on the market or is it simply expanding its influence in the business world remains to be seen. Either way, one thing's for sure - the Enterprise Subscription will give boost to Google's cloud-based services, as well as boost businesses that adopt it.

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