Google Drive Simplified With These 7 Tips

Google Drive is up there with DropBox as one of the most cloud storage services.


Google Drive, which is automatically integrated with a Google account, is up there with DropBox as one of the most useful cloud storage services. In addition to file storage, it comes with a variety of nice features, such as spreadsheet and document sharing, slide creation, and even the ability to work offline.

Even though it’s used by a lot of individuals and businesses, not everyone knows how to get the most out of it. Here are some tips and tricks to make Google Drive and its features easier to use:

1: View all of the shortcuts - Here’s the shortcut to view the shortcuts: CTRL+/. Whether you’re editing a document, trying to learn how to code, or in the process of publishing a file to the web, simply press those two keys at the same time and a shortcut chart will pop up.

2: Automatically save email attachments - A helpful add-on you’ll want to use for Google Sheets is Save Emails and Attachments. It allows you to define rules based on criteria such as the email subject, sender’s name, attachments, message size, and so forth. The add-on is programmed to run every hour on the dot - automatically. It syncs emails from your Gmail account into a spreadsheet and saves copies of the emails themselves in PDF format inside Google Drive, along with attachments.

3. Create and use forms to collect data - Simply click on 'New', 'More', and 'Create Form'. You can collect data with the use of checkboxes, textboxes, lists, multiple choice, grids, or scales. Whatever information you input into the form will be calculated and compiled automatically into a Spreadsheet document. View the form result in 'list' format if you want to see a cleaner version of the collected data.

4. Install the Pixlr Editor - Installing this add-on in your Chrome browser will enable you to edit images on your Google Drive account. Once the add-on is installed, you can right-click on any photo and open it. Pixlr provides many of the same basic tools as Photoshop.

5. Use Revision History - Don’t worry if you ever accidentally delete a file, or make changes that should not be made. You can still restore the file or document to a previous version. All you have to do is click file and select 'see revision history', or enter CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+H to view a panel on the right side of the screen.

6. Create or edit videos - WeVideo is the add-on you need for simplifying video editing. It offers different editing modes to suit beginners and experts alike. Put a story together by dragging and dropping media files in any order you want. It’s easy to add animation, photos, text, special effects, audio, and more.

7. Use Code Your Cloud for coding websitesThis is an independently funded and maintained open-source platform designed to help coders collaborate, preview and publish HTML, run Javascript files, and stay organized.

These are just a few examples of the many ways you can utilize the tools and features in Google Drive, which recently got an 'Outstanding' rating from coding websites.


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