Google Cloud teams up with Digital Asset on blockchain solutions

Developers now have on-demand access to Digital Asset's tools and services on Google Cloud


Google Cloud has joined forces with distributed ledger solutions provider Digital Asset to bring the latter's tools to the former's platform.

Developers working on the Google Cloud Platform now have access to Digital Asset's suite of tools and services thanks to the partnership, enabling them to build, test and deploy distributed ledger applications on-demand.

Along with on-demand access, Google Cloud developers will not have to configure the underlying platform, with Digital Asset CEO Blythe Masters stating that the partnership would "unleash the potential for web-paced innovation in blockchain".

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Leonard Law, head of financial services platform at Google Cloud, remarked: "Distributed ledger technology (DLT) has great potential to benefit customers not just in the financial services industry, but across many industries and we’re excited to bring these developer tools to Google Cloud."

In joining the private beta of Digital Asset's developer program, Google Cloud solution architects can now access the Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML) Software Development Kit (SDK) Developer Preview, enabling them to explore blockchain applications with their clients.

Digital Asset has also expanded its developer program to include the DAML platform-as-a-service (PaaS) on Google Cloud Platform.

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