Google Cloud AI announces new head

Andrew Moore is set to replace Fei-Fei Li as head of Google's cloud platform at the end of 2018


Google Cloud has announced that Dr. Andrew Moore will head up Google Cloud AI following the decision by current facility head Dr. Fei Fei Li to step down and return to her professorship at Stanford University.

Dr. Moore is currently the dean of the School of Computer Science at CMU and will be joining the team at the end of 2018. In the meantime, he will hold an advisory position at Google Cloud AI.

Launched in July 2018, Google Cloud AI's aim is to make AI faster, more ethical and more useful in an attempt to democratize the software, and currently has more than 15,000 paid customers on its platform which features a suite of machine-learning products and Cloud AutoML.

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"We believe that if we can get every developer in the world using AI in great ways, we can spur innovation that will benefit everyone," wrote Diane Greene, Google Cloud's CEO, in a blog post. "Building on Google's expertise in AI, we have introduced a series of products over the last three years that has helped make this mission a reality."

Greene added: "We have brought the best of Google's AI in vision, language, speech and conversation to companies everywhere through cloud services, and have built a platform for customers to scale their own models on Google Cloud through GPUs and TPUs."

Regarding his appointment at Google Cloud AI, Moore stated: "I am bursting with excitement about this. I have always deeply believed in the power of technology to improve the state of the world, so for me it's a big opportunity to help Google bring useful AI to all the other industry verticals."

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