Google Assistant to start comparing ride-hailing prices

The updated Google Assistant will also be able to summon users a vehicle


Google has revealed the latest update to its virtual assistant which will now allow users to compare prices of ride-hailing services and order a car from within the Google Assistant app.

Before this update, you could ask the Google Assistant to help you book a cab and it would simply divert you into a ride-sharing app on your phone. Now, according to Google, you can say: "Hey Google, book a ride to the Bluebird Café," or "Hey Google, get me a taxi to Denver International Airport," and the app will then present you with a list of popular ride services, their estimated prices and even average wait times.

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Google has been making big strides in the AI assistant realm in recent months. In May 2018, the company showcased the Google Duplex prototype booking a reservation in a restaurant and it being indistinguishable from a real human voice. This latest update, while less dramatic, will be available from next week.

Google will be releasing the feature first in English and any country where one of its ride service partners operates, but it is planning to expand into non-English speaking countries in coming months.

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