Google announces news innovation challenge in the APAC region

Google has announced an innovation challenge under its Google News Initiative which will challenge current publishing business models and generate ideas to innovate the news industry


Google has announced its first Asia-Pacific (APAC) GNI Innovation Challenge, under its Google News Initiative (GNI), which will fund projects to innovate, challenge current publishing business models and inject new ideas into the news industry.

The new challenge will be open to cities within the APAC region across cities such as Manila, New Delhi and Sydney. Furthermore, the APAC GNI Innovation Challenge asks applicants to submit proposals aimed at increasing revenue from readers "including subscriptions, membership programs, contributions and/or new digital products and services".

Submitted applications will be reviewed by a panel of Googlers and winning applicants could receive up to $300,000 in funding of their project, the total grant funding has not been disclosed.

In a blog post, Kate Beddoe, head of news and publishing partnerships at Google, said: "Given the pace of change in the news industry, innovation has never been more important.

"We want to make sure that all organizations, large and small, in the APAC news ecosystem have the opportunity to suggest new ideas around this critically important topic."

GNI was launched in March with the aim of building a strong future for the news industry. The initiative has received $300m in funding and will be carried out over the next three years. Earlier this year, YouTube announced a $25m investment to tackle fake news on its platform as part of the $300m GNI.

The GNI has ambitions to empower news innovators, open new thinking in digital journalism and challenge current publishing business models. The GNI has three focal points: To elevate and strengthen quality journalism; evolve business models to drive sustainable growth; and aim to empower news organizations through tech innovation.

The APAC GNI Innovation Challenge will accept proposals from November 28, 2018, and the deadline to submit has been set as January 9, 2019.

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