Google and T-Mobile to enhance emergency services for Android Users

Google partners with US network provider T-Mobile to provide greater accuracy in transmitting emergency location within the US


Google has announced the launch of its Emergency Location Service (ELS) in partnership with T-Mobile and RapidSOS.

ELS was first announced in 2016 for Android users which, according to Google, was to offer an efficient way to locate emergency communication centers when an emergency call is placed.

Google's senior product manager, Jen Chai, said in a blog post that over the past few years the company has been working to expand the service. "It's now available in 14 countries and provides the location to emergency centers for more than 140,000 calls per day," Google outlined.

T-Mobile's senior VP of technology Mark McDiarmid told The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)that T-Mobile has worked with Google on the issue for about four years and will combine the technology location data with its own before sending it to 911 call centers.

"Wireless providers like T-Mobile have existing ways to share emergency locations with emergency centers, but this integration with ELS will help deliver higher accuracy locations faster than before," Chai stated.

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Google's location data derived from inputs from Wi-Fi to sensors, GPS and mobile network information will leverage RapidOS's IP-based data pipelines to share location data. The service aims to enhance network operators, emergency infrastructure providers and governments provide accurate location information to the first responder during an emergency, Google stated.

A recent WSJ article reported that Google tested the service earlier this year which resulted in minimizing the average radius of the area in which a caller may be located from 522 feet to 121 feet.

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