​Google acquires automation startup Onward

The startup which gives businesses the ability to automate their customer service processes was acquired for an undisclosed sum


Google has acquired Onward, a startup which builds automation tools for businesses looking to automate their customer and sales processes. While the exact terms of the deal were not disclosed, Onward CTO Aaron Podolny, along with co-founders Rémi Cossart and Pramod Thammaiah, will join the Google team.

Onward started off as a customer-facing digital assistant called Agent Q which customers could text and request product recommendations. This later morphed into Onward when the founders realized its functionality would be more useful to businesses, as it was able to tailor its interactions with customers to fit a brand's image.

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Following the acquisition, the Onward team released a statement on its blog commenting on how the partnership would help expand the technologies reach, commenting: "These core technologies are what got us excited in the first place, and we are excited to bring them to Google.

"The next chapter will let the Onward team and technology truly shine, and we're excited to continue to make progress [toward] our vision," it added.

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