Going Green: Better for earth, better for revenue.

The younger generation values green companies.


Previously I wrote an article on how to advertise to people who just don't care. In that I touched on millennials and the younger generations culture toward ads. Here today I want to touch on the every growing environmental mentality in the younger generation. Simply put, we value environmentally conscious people and businesses.  

One of the main reasons I believe that green conscious business practices have never become the norm in the past is because they didn't translate into a better "bottom line" for a business. But now with customers valuing green business practices I am finding more and more business are "going green" and despite the extra added cost to doing so, extra profits are surpassing increased cost, and then some.

Example, Brilliant a premier ground transportation company based out of NYC and LA has mercedes sprinter limousines that only run on bio fuel. They only clean and detail their vehicles with organic cleansers, they have electric vehicles and break down used cars and recycle every part. Not only morally and ethically superior practices, since they started advertising this sales have increased. Many people when faced with two companies that seem similar in value and service will choose one that is "green" if the other is not. And this factor can often be the major deciding factor in a buyers decision.

Another example is Chipotle. Need I say more? Yes taste, convenience, price and food quality all played a factor in their rapid success but a major key player that doesn't get credit is their green attitude. Some people value going "green" so much they placebo themselves. They think that certain food taste better or makes them feel better even when maybe they really don't. Like when these guys pranked food connoisseurs with McDonalds chicken nuggets. 

But hypocrisy aside the point is consumers value green. So if being kind to the earth that sustains us doesn't really motivate you to clean up your act, maybe money will. Capitalize on "going green" and leave a better planet for your kids.


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