Going Global: 3 Innovative Tips For Boosting Your E-commerce Sales

Finally, after all that prep work and stress, your e-commerce site is out there for everyone to find.


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You paid a small fortune to translate key pages into varying languages, dedicated months learning all about SEO and spent countless nights worrying if your store would prove mobile-friendly – and it was all worth it. 

Finally, after all that prep work and stress, your e-commerce site is out there for everyone to find. You’ve shared it on Facebook, talked it up to anyone who’ll listen and now it’s only time before you’re celebrating international super-success – watch out Amazon!

But as tempting as it is to sit there with a glass of champagne, hitting refresh and watching as the sales mount up, the hard work isn’t over yet. You’re entering a busy global online marketplace and standing out from the crowd isn’t easy.

To keep the initial momentum going you’ll have to recharge and put all your energy into boosting e-commerce sales. Here are three top tips that’ll help you do exactly that.

Spread the word and win fans

There are lots of dodgy online retailers selling poorly-sized and faulty goods via their websites or social media accounts, and it’s made consumers very wary. Build trust and develop your business’s reputation for quality by putting positive feedback out there.

Find bloggers from around the world who encapsulate your brand identity and send them free samples in exchange for reviews. You’ll be able to tap into their audiences and hopefully turn a few of their followers into new customers.

Instagram marketing is also a clever tactic to get to grips with. Your best bet for developing a loyal fan base is to re-share user-generated pics. Seeing real people wearing your products instantly alleviates concerns over reliability or standards.

Look after your finances

As soon as you start trading in different countries around the world your finances are going to get a lot more complicated. Dealing with taxes and exchange rates isn’t fun, and any mistakes could end up losing you money.

Getting the right bank account is key. Offshore banking is a great way of managing international payments and keeping a watchful eye on profit margins.

But don’t just take our word for it – look to the experts at Offshore Consultants who regularly process and set up offshore bank account applications for advice. They’ve got plenty of top tips for helping you pick the best account for your business.

End cart abandonment

The battle isn’t over after you’ve got people to visit your site. You’ve also got to turn their cheeky spot of browsing into an actual sale, and with cart abandonment a problem for all online retailers, it’s easier said than done.

To stop customers adding items to their virtual basket only to dump it before reaching checkout, invest in an app like Abandon Aid.

For a small monthly fee, it’ll track abandoned carts and send out personalized, friendly emails to customers reminding them about their waiting orders. It’s a simple, cost-effective way of luring them back in and increasing your sales.

Has your online store recently gone live? Got any other top tips for boosting sales? Leave a comment and let us know.

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