GNS Healthcare is adopting AI to develop a mechanistic model to further ALS research

The ALS Association has partnered with GNS Healthcare to improve ALS research and treatments


GNS Healthcare has received funding from the ALS Association to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve ALS research and enhance treatments.

GNS will incorporate Answer ALS, an ALS research program, and its machine-learning technology solution Reverse Engineering and Forward Simulation to develop a cloud-based interface platform.

ALS Association chief scientist Dr. Lucie Brujin said: "The ALS Association has made significant investment in precision medicine for ALS by funding the generation of large comprehensive data collections through strategic initiatives such as Answer ALS, which includes analyses of genetic, proteomic, metabolomic, environmental exposure data and clinical information from people living with ALS.

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"Using the appropriate tools to mine these data sets is critical to understanding the variability of ALS and how to better design clinical trials. The GNS Healthcare project will begin to address this."

According to John Hopkins Medicine, ALS affects 30,000 in the US with 5,000 new cases every year and, according to research, ALS is responsible for five in every 100,000 deaths in people aged 20 years or older.

In developing the platform, research will be conducted in two phases to improve data knowledge and will involve creating potential threats from the collected genetic, molecular and biochemical data. launches ai solution to help improve sales outcomes small

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