Global warehouse robotics market to be worth $6bn by 2025

Report by Hexa Research, finds that the global warehouse robotics market is expected to grow exponentially up to 2025 due to the ever-increasing importance of automation within the manufacturing sector


The global warehouse robotics market will continue to experience rapid growth thanks to the manufacturing sector's increasing use of automation, according to a report by Hexa Research. The report found that the market would be expected to reach $6bn in value by 2025.

Global warehouse robotics products are used to carry out material handling equipment in various sectors such as the automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and electronics industries, as well as in oil and gas, construction and e-commerce.

"Robots fit in well as companies look for ways to bring in operational efficiency by improving inventory control and increasing labor efficiency to reduce lag time in order processing," said Hexa Research. "The focus on optimizing warehouse operations has gained more importance with an ever-growing e-commerce industry, where effective backend operations play a critical role."

Tasks carried out by automated warehouse robotics systems include picking, moving, labeling and packaging, as well as assembly in industries such as the automotive industry, especially in the major automotive manufacturer markets of China and the US. Robots used in the automotive industry are primarily used for tasks such as laser cutting, palletizing, welding and plasma cutting, with robots currently gaining popularity in painting operations.

Hexa Research's report also cited the electronics industry as a major growth area for the warehouse robotics market.

"Sometimes the sorting and assembling of the miniaturized electronics are not feasible for the human," the report found. "The mobile robots are proved to be highly important and useful for performing such a delicate task and it gives a better quality of the product."

Key manufacturers within the robotics market featured in the report include the likes of ABB, KUKA AG, FANUC Corporation, Yamaha Motor Co., Amazon Robotics, OMRON Corporation and Honeywell International and IBM.

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