Gismart launches investment program for indie developers

New program will offer investments of up to $1m, with decisions to be made on a case-by-case basis


Gismart, an independent developer and publisher of music-based apps and games, has announced the launch of an investment program for mobile app startups.

Along with the development of its own products, Gismart acts as a strategic partner for indie developers, aiming to assist them in bringing their titles to market.

Gismart, whose product portfolio includes Beat Maker Go, Karaoke Face, Piano Crush, WeDrum and Guitar Play, was founded in 2013 and its apps have been downloaded 350 million times. The company's products currently boast more than 17 million monthly active users.

As part of its partnerships with startups, Gismart will look to share its own expertise in product management, marketing and growth. Along with financial support, Gismart will also provide assistance to its partners on administrative and legal matters.

Gismart CEO and co-founder Dmitri Lipnitsky remarked: "Gismart is looking to source and invest in world-class talent and dedicated mobile app development teams.

"The success of a product, from early development through to release and beyond, is dependent on the professionalism, hard work and competence of the teams involved. We make our investment decisions based on an in-depth evaluation of the teams behind the project as well as the project itself," Lipnitsky added.

The new investment program, which will sit within Gismart's publishing unit, will offer investments of up to $1m, with the program running on a case-by-case basis across a range of product categories.

According to Gismart, which has two offices located in London and Belarus capital Minsk, it is "interested in mobile projects in the fields of hyper-casual games, music, entertainment, education and health".

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