Getting Your Website Ready For Christmas This Summer

Why summer is the perfect time to start


For many retailers, the time of year they make the vast majority of sales and profit is the run-up to the festive season. It is such an important trading time, that it pays to plan and prepare well in advance. Getting your website Christmas-ready is essential and summer is the ideal time. Planning in advance gives you time to test ideas, get everything ready, order in stock, and create fantastic deals for your customers.

But what do you need to do to your website to get it in great shape ready for the festive season?

1. Check the finer technical details of the website

Meta tags and descriptions are just the background ‘workings’ of your website that could do with updating from time to time. Before you start creating Christmas themed product pages, you need to be confident that your website can be found by search engines, as well as streamlined and quick to load.

Update keywords and look for current phrases and keywords being used. Take a look at how customers search for Christmas gift ideas too.

It is essential that your website is mobile-friendly, too - this earns you valuable points with search engines like Google.

2. Assess your website against current design trends

To entice customers, you need great products or services at a great price. As well as quality, customers also look for websites that have the ‘right’ tone and feel about them.

This comes from web design, alongside high-quality images and great content. Customers want information about you, your products and what your offer but they also appreciate a wider funnel of information that helps them discover more about topics related to your product.

Website designs from two years ago are starting to look dated. Flat design is still on trend but you need to be confident that it packs a punch with large visuals and plenty of character.

3. Work on your Christmas promotion

With your retailing team, you will have identified specific products and/or services for the festive period. You will also have created a theme for your festive promotion, including what date it will start.

This means you need to be working on the web pages for your Christmas promotion now. Don’t underestimate how long it takes to photograph products and edit the images. There will be written content and copy to write – you may outsource this and that means finding a professional copywriter who can deliver what you want – and it needs to be keyword rich too.

These pages can be created in draft form and when proofread and ready for launch, it is a case of ‘flicking the switch’ in late October, early November and your festive campaign is live. This means you can concentrate on attracting traffic to your site and delivering the products people order.

Summer is a great time to get your Christmas campaign sorted. And that means looking for professional web design that will make your website stand out from competitors.

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