GE partners with Sweden to open life sciences innovation center

GE Healthcare Partners with Swedish government to boost and support life sciences sector


GE Healthcare has partnered with the Swedish government to open an innovation center, Testa Center, to boost production of biopharmaceuticals and commercialization of new technologies in the life sciences sector.

The innovation center will be located in Uppsala, Sweden, and will house four bio processing laboratories across 27,000 sq ft. The center was opened with the investment of approximately $11m from the Swedish government through its innovation center Vinnova, who administer state funding for research and development, and a $4.9m investment from GE.

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Mikael Damberg, Sweden's minister for enterprise and innovation, said: “This impressive test bed, Testa Center, which GE Healthcare chose to develop in partnership with the government promotes innovation, strengthens competitiveness and will help us provide more efficient care in the future."

Damberg added: "This is important for Sweden and our life sciences strategy, as we are facing tougher health challenges globally. People grow older and chronic and lifestyle-related diseases are increasing. Life sciences is a knowledge-intensive sector with a high growth potential."

According to the Testa Center, the partnership between GE and the Swedish government will be a major step towards securing the growth of Sweden's life sciences industry. The center is owned and operated as a non-profit company by GE and will provide funding and business support for a smooth transition to commercialization.


Written by Innovation Enterprise Digital Content Editor, Simorin Pinto

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