Gaming studio launches games that challenge children to hack

Endless Studios' first collection of games will aim to spark the curiosity of children in hacking and coding


Endless Studios has launched a group of games which will attempt to encourage children to code through hacking.

The games have been built on a Linux-based OS atop the Unity game engine and have been designed to help young gamers spark their curiosity and build their confidence in coding.

All of the games are aimed at gamers aged eight and above and include Midnightmare Teddy, in which evil toys come alive and chase the gamer who can switch to "Math Mode" and use their number skills to fight back. Meanwhile, in Frog Squash, gamers need to dodge arrows, saws and fireballs and avoid getting squashed while crossing a road by hacking the animal's AI.

Other games within the collection include The Passage, Tank Warriors, Aqueducts and Dragon's Apprentice. During the latter, an evil force threatens to destroy a peaceful city, with the gamer needing to take control of this dungeon crawling adventure game to become the hero.

Endless founder Matt Dalio remarked: "After realizing that so many engineers got their start by hacking games, we decided to build our own games with hacking as a core mechanic. Our ultimate goal with these games is to break down the barriers around the language of code and make it fun."

According to Endless Studios, its games will be built with "a philosophy of releasing early and often", enabling the company to build the games with early feedback from its community of gameplayers.

Based in San Francisco, Endless was established in 2011 as a collection of independent companies focused on building technology that cultivates digital agency among young people­. Its first product, Endless OS, was focused on delivering digital agency in the most remote regions of the world. The launch of Endless Studios and the collection of games, which are available via The Third Terminal, marks the organization's move toward encouraging digital agency in young people in the US.

"It is our hope that what we are building will help children learn to shape the software that influences their world," Dalio noted.

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