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Read how mobile applications are helping reshape the recruitment process


Gone are the days when job seekers had to wait for their local newspaper to be released to look for the latest job offerings. Now, there is an array of online job boards that allow people from around the world to access openings. Indeed is one of the most renowned, as is Monster and SimplyHired.

There’s also been a trend towards companies adding a ‘careers’ section to their website. With the boards listing current openings,it allows jobseekers to regularly check if their favourite companies are hiring.

Some argue that the ease at which people can see job openings has caused an increase in the amount of people that apply for each individual position. This has meant that some people have had to resort to extreme tactics - last year a Marketing graduate from Coventry University held up a sign at Waterloo station which listed his qualifications.

Although a little extreme, the man at Waterloo got his job, showing that inventive strategies are still met with praise by hiring managers.

The recruitment process is set to develop in 2015, with a number of mobile job search applications available to applicants. These platforms are designed to empower the job seeker and allow them to find companies that suit their personalty and skill-set.

One of the most exciting platforms is the provider ‘Craft’ - an application which turns the traditional interviewing model on its head. Users ‘interview’ the company they are looking to apply to in order to see whether it would be a good fit. Only if they pass this stage are they allowed to see open positions at the company.

The popularity of Tinder has certainly been an inspiration for ‘Switch’, another mobile application that’s set to reinvent the recruitment process. As a job seeker, you post your profile and wait for hiring managers to swipe through. If you get a ‘match’ you’ll be invited to connect with the hiring managers on LinkedIn.

Applications such as these will reshape the recruitment process and perhaps level the playing field between the reams of applicants applying for jobs and the seemingly few recruiters out there. For many graduates, finding a job that suits their skills can be a challenge, but with the advancement of applications such as Switch and Craft, it’s a trials that’s hopefully going to get less strenuous.


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