Frost & Sullivan launch growth support program for startups

Startups can now apply to be part of Frost & Sullivan's global network of partners


Frost & Sullivan, the growth partnership company, has established Companies to Action (C2A) a business acceleration program to provide growth support to startups. Aroop Zutshi, president and managing partner at the company said, "C2A would be the perfect platform" for startup and MNCs to find other businesses to invest in, partner with or acquire.

Startups must pitch their ideas to a panel of senior managers from Frost & Sullivan at a "Visionary Innovator" event. If successful, the business will be accepted into the C2A program which will provide them with growth strategy guidance from an advisor and give them access to Frost & Sullivan's research and global network of partners, customers and investors. This platform is currently involved with over 80% of the global 1000 companies.

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Zutshi stated that Frost & Sullivan's advisors will engage startups, "in the three linked spheres of 'vision and strategy', 'brand and demand' and 'technology and IP'." This is part of C2A's aim to improve and sustain the growth of startups, providing them with growth opportunity insights tailored to each individual company's needs.

According to Zutshi, C2A will provide startups with the opportunity insights to grow and survive the trials of disruptive new technologies, increasing competition and industry convergence.

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