Four Keys To Keep Up With (And Ahead Of) The Marketing Curve

Marketing is evolving at a disruptive pace


As any marketer can tell you, our profession is evolving at a dizzying pace, and technology is driving the change, in terms of both fundamental strategy and day-to-day tactics. How do you keep up? The cool new tools and innovative ideas you rolled out in Q1 may be obsolete by the New Year. And speaking of tools, how do you choose the right one? According to one count, marketers we have almost 4,000 marketing technology solutions at their disposal.

Challenging though it is, our goal as marketing professionals has to be to stay ahead of the game. Here are four essentials that I believe are working for me:

Professional organizations

These are the kind of groups that describe their purpose as 'bringing heads of marketing together in a private, exclusive environment of openness, and contribution. This enables them to be more valuable and inspire revenue generators, leaders, marketers and officers.' For me, the benefits of regularly meeting with peers from different sectors to brainstorm and gain insight into new ideas and successes and failures has been invaluable.


Let’s be honest – we all enjoy being praised for the hard work we do. It motivates us to push even harder and to stay positive even in challenging circumstances. I was recently honored with an award and to be recognized by senior marketing leaders and my peers in this way was deeply rewarding. It also reinforced and fueled my passion for excellence and results. Having started my career in sales, and then launching and managing our consulting practice before moving into my current role in marketing, I’ve found that receiving – and giving – recognition builds commitment, trust, and loyalty.


I have been blessed to have amazing mentors. While networking and sharing ideas with peers is tremendous, there’s nothing like having a trusted relationship with an advisor. Someone who is willing to share their experience and who truly cares about your growth, and who demonstrates that care through the time they invest in helping you to succeed. Another source of guidance, advice, and inspiration is my boss and I was deeply touched when they attended the gala where I received my award.


A final key to staying abreast of the innovation that is constantly disrupting the marketing space is an effective team. At my company, we have a mix of millennials and industry veterans with a range of skills and areas of expertise. As a manager, one of my main goals is to make sure we learn from each other every day – to me, that’s the best way to stay ahead of new ideas and new strategies.

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