Four CEOs to emulate in your work

A look into how some of the best CEOs in the world do their work, and how you can learn from them


In your life as an entrepreneur, there are going to be challenges no matter what. However, the only thing that you control is how you work and approach life and the challenges you will face. It always helps to have people who are more successful than you to model. So to help you on your journey, here are four CEOs you should emulate in your work:

John Suh, CEO of LegalZoom

John Suh is not your ordinary CEO. He hasn't had an office in over 20 years. In fact, he spends much of his time standing in groups or pacing the floors of the building. The reality is that he doesn't need an office because he delegates his work so effectively.

He spends 80% of his time on what he is good at. For the rest, he finds people in the company who are great at that aspect and lets them handle it. He rarely uses a computer either. He uses his iPhone the majority of the time, which usually means he is setting up face-to-face meetings.

By taking the odd approach of making technology a rare necessity and focusing on connecting in person, he is able to leverage his skills of conversation and problem-solving. He doesn't need to know everything, rather he needs to know how to find the people that do. So ask yourself what you could be delegating in your work right now.

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Grant Cardone, CEO of Cardone Capital

The self-made CEO and founder of Cardone Capital didn't start out wealthy. In fact, some of his earliest memories are of his mother yelling at him to turn off the lights in his room as he went to another room in the house in order to save electricity. He even recalls breaking down and crying when losing a quarter in a drain pipe as a child.

Despite his humble beginnings, he is now worth over $100 million. He credits his success to getting over his fear of cold calling on customers and putting himself out there. In addition, he writes his goals down twice per day: once in the morning and once in the evening. No matter who you are, you can make a cold call and write down your goals.

Ian Shone, CEO of Tropical MBA

When Ian was just a young boy, he had dreams of traveling the world. As he went through school, he started to lose hope that this would be possible. However, one day he met an entrepreneur who was building his business at the same time as traveling, thanks to using technology like Skype to manage his business abroad.

Ian decided right then and there that he would have that lifestyle too. Now, Ian spends most of his days managing his remote team with apps like Slack. This allows him to run his company from anywhere. If you are looking to be location independent, leverage the technology at your disposal so you can be free from one time zone, like Ian Shone.

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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was given a blessing and a curse. He inherited the most popular technology brand in the world and a multi-billion dollar company to run. It is hard to outdo Steve Jobs by any measure.

However, Cook didn't let that discourage him. He immediately communicated to his team that things would be different. He put down his standards in a rulebook and spread it around the company campus. Soon, he had the whole team on board with his ideas. Make sure you are communicating with passion and authority in your business, no matter what.

When it comes to business, there are various ways to accomplish a given task. The key is to draw inspiration from different sources. That way, you can compare and contrast the approaches and pick the one that is best for you. So emulate the four CEOs above and pick the parts of their work that are most relevant to you. That way your path to success will be much easier.


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