Flying the Unfriendly Skies

Air travel gives business travelers plenty to complain about.


What are your biggest complaints about air travel?

Cramped seating: 75%

Security-screening delays: 58%

Declining service on board: 49%

Flight delays: 47%

Cost: 30%

What additional safety measures would you consider tolerable?

Fingerprint scans: 73%

More-expensive luggage screens: 64%

Retinal scans: 54%

Extra carry-on searches: 42%

Body searches: 8%

How do you make traveling easier?

Travel without checked baggage: 53%

Travel less frequently: 32%

Take a car or train when possible: 28%

Travel in First Class: 17%

Use private planes when possible: 12%

Source: CFO magazine survey of 106 finance executives. Respondents could choose more than one answer.


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