​Five Ways to Fix Simple Problems at Work

Tired of little problems slowing down production at work?


To be our most productive in the workplace, we need to arm our employees with the resources necessary to keep simple problems from limiting their productivity. These resources can include a myriad of state of the art technology, modern phone systems, up to date software and other innovations that will keep problems to a minimum and increase productivity. Here are 5 fixes for some of the simple, everyday problems that have been shown to hinder productivity in the workplace:

1. Outsource your internet technology support

This allows your core staff to focus on functions that increase business productivity. Your IT service is going to want to keep your business so will provide top service to your employees. Instead of having additional labor costs and the expense of keeping a whole other department within your organization, you pay a bill each month and don't have to think about IT on a daily basis. Let someone else keep your IT running efficiently, troubleshoot and fix issues that slow employee productivity down and worry about protecting your network and your data. Letting someone else figure it out when it comes to IT is the way to go.

2. Simplify file sharing and storage

One of the most problematic parts of being on a work team is being unable to easily and efficiently send large files full of data. Sending large files should be simple and take minimal time, not complicated and cumbersome. With a variety of plans and pricing options available, a file sharing and storage service like Hightail can help you keep these problems to a minimum and productivity high. This helps you focus less on problems and more on your productivity and bottom line. This simple and valuable productivity tool is easy to use and lets your employees relax when it comes to something that should be the simple and uncomplicated part of their projects.

3. Create an HR department

Even if it is only a department of one employee, every business, no matter how small, should have a distinct Human Resources department to manage the legal aspects of hiring, terminating, disciplinary issues, records management, and other important business issues. An investment in a quality HR department can save you so much more in the time and expense of lawsuits, audits, and other troublesome issues. Make sure your entire organization recognizes HR and understands the value it brings to each and every department and employee. Make HR part of the team, not the enemy.

4. Manage your managers

It has been said that good employees don't leave organizations, they leave managers. Make sure your executive team is managing in a way that makes employees feel good. Check in with your management team frequently and make sure they are checking with their teams to troubleshoot issues before they become problems. Simple things managers can do to make employees feel valued, heard and appreciated can go a long way toward preventing hard feelings in the workplace. Don't underestimate the value of a simple conversation, thank-you note or well-timed cup of coffee.

5. Invest in and maintain equipment and supplies

If employees can't function because the copy machine is constantly jamming or the phone system is always breaking down, they won't feel engaged or be able to remain productive. Please don't ask your employees to deal with faulty equipment and supply shortages on a daily basis. An initial investment in equipment and regular maintenance will help employees work efficiently. Allowing employees to have a selection of quality and colorful supplies to help them complete projects will make them feel good about the work that they are doing.

These 5 things will help your organization succeed by managing simple problems before they become big ones.

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