Five payments apps worth checking out

Whether it is to transfer funds to family or friends, or simply to split the bill at the end of the night, these five apps could help save you time and hassle


Everyone's heard of Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, but outside of these well-known and, to many, vital apps, there is a plethora of payment apps to service your wallet needs.


Created in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio, Jaxx is a cryptocurrency wallet which can be download on eight platforms. The app allows users to hold, control and trade blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Zcash.

Developed by Canadian blockchain company Decentral, Jaxx supports more than 25 cryptocurrencies and tokens, and comes with free customer support.

The people behind the app describe it as being "as to blockchain as Netscape was to the internet".


Zelle enables users to quickly and securely send funds to bank accounts, with funds available for enrolled recipients within a matter minute.

As well as its speedy transfer time, users can link their apps with the apps of banks with which Zelle has partnered to support person-to-person micropayments. Users can then use their bank's native app to transfer money by using Zelle's infrastructure.

Among the banks that participate with Zelle are Bank of America, Capital One, BBVA Compass, Morgan Stanley, SunTrust and Wells Fargo, along with a host of other US banking giants (and a few smaller ones as well).


Qkr is a mobile payments app that can be used to pay for food and drinks, or for splitting the bill at the end of a meal.

The free-to-use, secure app uses Masterpass, Mastercard’s digital wallet service, and can be used in numerous locations such as for getting food and drinks delivered to your seat in a cinema or at a stadium.

Qkr can accept American Express, Discover Cards, Mastercard and Visa, and offers users a number of money-saving coupons and rewards.


Skrill enables users to send or receive money in 40 currencies across 200 countries, while sending customers merchant offers, deals and bonuses every month.

The app is focused on low-cost international money transfers and is particularly popular with gamblers, with Skrill being accepted at many major bookmakers and casinos.

Skrill offer what it terms "super-quick payments" through its Skrill 1-Tap feature, while also offers exchange from more than 100 alternative payment methods and 40 currencies into Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Litecoin instantly.


Venmo may be owned by PayPal but is actually an app designed to send money to friends, rather than businesses. It features an embedded social feature and has proven to be a hit with a young, urban demographic.

According to PayPal's 1Q18 earnings, Venmo processed more than $12bn of total payment volume in the quarter, marking an increase of 80% over the same period last year and demonstrating the social payments platform's fast growth.

The company was initially acquired by Braintree for $26.2m in 2012, before Braintree was acquired by PayPal in late-2013 for $800m.

To find out more about developments and trends within the payments industry, visit Innovation Enterprise's Payments Innovation Summit in San Francisco on November 28–29, 2018.

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