Five must-see speakers taking the stage at DATAx San Francisco

As the first edition of DATAx San Francisco draws near, we take a closer look at five of the most influential figures in the data world who will be presenting across the data extravaganza's five stages


As we close in on DATAx San Francisco, an all-encompassing festival uniting some of the biggest names in data with tech-hungry investors and innovative Bay Area startups, we take a look at some of the most unmissable speakers taking part.

Joining us from every corner of the US and beyond, from industries spanning retail, gaming, healthcare, marketing and everything in between, we present the very best of the best from each of the five stages.

Evren Eryuek PhD, director of product management at Google, presenting "Generating real value from real time analytics" at the DATAx Leadership Summit.

You cannot talk about innovation for long before Google's influence over the tech world comes up. Therefore, we eagerly await Google Cloud's director of product management Evren Eryuek's deep dive into the value of real-time analytics solutions and its potential to unlock the value of data to aid decision-making and business processes.

Eryuek, a veteran of GE Healthcare who's been leading Google Cloud and its efforts toward industrial enterprise solutions since 2016, will also speak about the benefits of utilizing Google Cloud and its data analytics platform. He will be discussing how to use the platform to guide your workforce into the future while simplifying workflows, allowing your team to focus on crucial insights gained from data.

When we asked him what to expect from his presentation, Eryuek told us: "I want to show them a portfolio approach, all the way from ingestion to how you can actually do some high-end data analytics. And I want to give them some real customer examples that people can actually associate with so they can go away and do it themselves."

If you have still not had your fill of real-time data insights, stick around for his participation in a panel entitled "Running a successful department to contribute to bottom line" just before lunch on Day One of the summit where the floor will be open to any burning questions you may have.

Anna E Shen, marketing manager – paid social at Instacart , presenting "Overcoming the data silo challenges: Solving the right problems through AI".

Data and marketing have a special relationship today, because marketers are one group who identified early on how effective data would be at streamlining their processes. They have also promptly realized just how damaging data silos are for businesses. Some 83% of executives say that their organizations have silos and a whopping 97% think they have negative effects, according to the American Management Association.

"The reason silos exist is because of noise: The more data you have, the harder it is to find what you're looking for,"Anna E Shen, marketing manager – paid social at Instacart, told us when we caught up with her ahead of her presentation. "Data can get buried. Not all data is relevant, so the key is to 1) Be equipped to efficiently and quickly identify what is relevant and 2) Make sure if you have data silos that there is no communication silo for exchanging relevant information between teams."

Shen will be advising fellow marketers on the best methods of tackling these silos head on in her comprehensive presentation which will posit AI, another technology marketers adopted early on, as the solution to data siloes. Her insights will be unmissable for any marketer hoping cut through the noise today and deliver effective results.

Dhaval Shah, director of engineering at Bloomberg, presenting "How Bloomberg Media uses Artificial Intelligence" at the Machine Learning Innovation Summit.

AI journalism has been a hot topic for some time, with many worrying about robots fueling another "fake news" epidemic. But Dhaval Shah, director of engineering at media powerhouse Bloomberg, will be gracing the Machine Learning Innovation stage to discuss some of the subtler ways the publication is using AI to improve the end-user experience.

"We use data to achieve a wide variety of business goals, including driving user engagement, increasing ad revenue, improving conversions for subscriptions, helping subscriber retention and more," explained Shah. "In this talk, we will provide a broad overview of the different ways we use AI techniques and data to help us achieve these business goals."

He will also be offering some exclusive insights into the ways the top financial publication has used machine learning to personalize introductory offers, sending website subscriptions soaring – without cannibalizing revenue.

And Shah really knows his stuff. Bloomberg enjoys a whopping 60 million unique visitors every month and publishes an unbelievable 500 pieces of content a day, so this promises to be an exceptionally insightful glimpse into how AI can help publishing businesses embrace the future of their industry.

Emma Huang, director of data sciences and external innovation at Johnson & Johnson , presenting "Approaches to partnering for data sciences in healthcare" at the AI in Healthcare Summit.

Over the past decade the explosion of data available to us has made an exceptionally weighty mark on one industry in particular: Healthcare.

According to, the big data in healthcare market is projected to grow to $34bn by 2022. And AI will be one of the most effective uses of this rich trove of data, with Accenture analysis predicting that, when combined, key clinical health AI applications will potentially create $150bn in annual savings for the US healthcare economy by 2026.

But for this exciting future to flourish the way it should – and save millions upon millions of lives – constructive partnerships between entrepreneurs, academics and the healthcare industry is key. However, these partnerships are tricky to build and maintain, especially with new technologies where their value has yet to be fully proven for all stakeholders.

This is exactly the topic Emma Huang, director of data sciences and external innovation at industry Titan Johnson & Johnson, will be tackling in her presentation.

"At Johnson & Johnson Innovation, we build relationships and create customized collaborations with regional entrepreneurs, universities and institutes developing early- to mid-stage innovations across pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer health sectors," Huang told us. "I will be discussing some of the unique challenges related to data sciences and AI on both sides of the partnering equation and suggest approaches which facilitate partnering to accelerate the impact of this technology in healthcare."

Scott Allen, director of data science at Electronic Arts , presenting "Succeeding in personalization at scale" at the Gaming Analytics Summit.

Whatever industry you are in, personalization is the name of the game for success in today's data-driven world. Electronic Arts director of data science Scott Allen's presentation dissecting exactly how to unlock the potential of data to personalize at scale is, therefore, a must for anyone visiting DATAx, where all summits are open to anyone attending.

During this comprehensive 30-minute session, Allen will be running through some of the ways EA is employing data to gain a meticulous understanding of their players' behaviors to enable cohesive messaging and recommendations across EA's numerous platforms and games. Specifically, Allen will be going in-depth into EA's efforts to evolve from static moment-to-moment interventions to a holistic understanding of the player's current state.

Why attend if you do not have a gaming head on you then? Because, as Allen puts it, personalization is simply key across all industries, but none have quite the unique potential that gaming has "because we create an already dynamic, interactive product". Therefore, he is set to deliver invaluable lessons for any business today.

And if you are part of the gaming sector already? You are going to want to drop in to see how you can best utilize the humongous quantities of data generated by the 2.3 billion gamers logging in year on year.

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