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Five factors to keep in mind when promoting your mobile application


According to a Statista report, over 3.5 million apps on Google Play has over 3.5 million apps and App Store has over 2 million apps. From these numbers, it is pretty clear that merely a great app idea, excellent functionality, user-friendly features, and value proposition are not sufficient to ensure your app’s success. Even if your app has all these aspects, it needs a robust marketing strategy that covers every detail.

A reliable and renowned mobile app development company offers a blend of marketing strategies to promote your app effectively.

The right app marketing mixture involves five P's namely product, placement, price, people, and performance, this article discusses the five P's to help your app reach more people and convert them into loyal users.

P for product

It is evident that you should consider your app as a product. It should be capable of satisfying the user’s requirements. Proper research about the market trends, competitors’ apps, and target customers can help you identify the niche that your app can address. Your app should be marketed as a solution to the customer’s requirements. From building to marketing of your mobile app, you should keep the end users in mind like your other products.

P for placement

It is advisable to find the OS used by your target audience. For example, if most of your target user base has Android devices, then you should consult an Android app development company for the development and promotion of the app.

Also, when it comes to Android OS, there is a number of devices with different versions that the app needs to be able to compatible with.

Finally, you should promote your app as per its placement. It is okay to promote your app globally, but the main focus should be on the areas where your target audience resides.

P for price

A tailored mobile app can act as a great tool to generate revenue, it is always tricky to decide the price of your app. Determining your app’s charge is like a double-edged sword especially when many apps similar to your app are available for free on the app stores. The price or in-app purchase cost can make or break the reputation of your company. You need to study the consumer’s expectation and willingness to pay for the services before including them in your app.

You cannot keep the price for your app or related services too high as the potential users may reject it, and you cannot keep the price too low because it can decrease revenue. Many mobile app developers are of opinion that one should start with a free version with limited features. The premium version will offer more functionality and additional features with a fixed cost. In the case of unique and highly specialized services, you can keep the price high.

When you promote your app, it is necessary to disclose the price and type of version to avoid user confusion, additionally, you can highlight the high-end features along with the price in the ad campaign.

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P for people

You need dedicated app marketers to ensure that your marketing campaign can generate optimum outcome. When hiring mobile app developers or any marketing people, make sure that they are passionate about your app project. A strong team of committed app marketing professionals can work wonders and help you achieve goals quickly. In brief, you should choose people wisely to ensure the success of your app marketing campaign.

Finally, your app users are your biggest advocates. Your app users can share positive reviews on social media that further encourage their friends to download your app, generate app downloads through word of mouth. Therefore, your app promotional methods should be planned in a way that you can connect with maximum people with ease.

P for performance

Performance matters the most for promoting your app. Your app should have an easy navigation, interesting yet simple UI and excellent UX (User Experience) irrespective of display size. For example, an Android app should offer a seamless performance across various devices and versions. This is particularly important because your app marketing efforts can lead to more downloads and adversely if the app fails it can have negative impacts on your campaign.

What to look out for before launching your app:

  • Make sure that your app passes through extensive quality tests
  • Check whether proper customer service and troubleshooting strategies in place
  • Ensure your app is easily accessible with a short and simple registration process using social media
  • Optimize app features to improve overall performance
  • Bring a beta version to get initial feedback from early users

Two factors you need to consider to create a user-friendly app: include the necessary features and remove all the unnecessary features.

It is fair to mention that when you get the right combination of five Ps, you can help your app stay ahead of the crowd. Even though the process to perfect marketing is a herculean task, but it is inevitable for attracting and retaining users.

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