Facebook builds new bug-fixing AI

Facebook's AI software will be rolled out for the developer community to automatically patch up buggy code in the future


Facebook has built an artificial intelligence (AI) tool, SapFix, to help programmers automatically patch up buggy code.

The social media giant revealed the introduction of the new tech at Facebook's @Scale engineering conference on September 13.

SapFix works by scanning code, automatically identifying bugs, testing different patches before suggesting the best ones for the engineers to implement.

"To our knowledge, this marks the first time that a machine-generated fix — with automated end-to-end testing and repair — has been deployed into a codebase of Facebook's scale," stated Facebook's developer tool team.

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"It's an important milestone for AI hybrids and offers further evidence that search-based software engineering can reduce friction in software development," they added.

SapFix has so far been used to help Facebook ship a more robust code for its Android app, and it has announced plans to roll out the tool to the developer community in the long run.

In the current state, SapFix can only fix bugs spotted by Facebook’s intelligent automated software testing tool, Sapienz. However, in the future SapFix will be able to work independently.

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