EY launches AI-powered natural language generation portal

Ernst & Young integrates Arria NGL's AI technology to deploy NLG systems to enhance client service


Ernst and Young (EY) has launched its natural language generation portal, powered by UK-based tech company Arria Natural Language Generation (NLG).

Arria's NLG technology integrates AI to decode raw data and offer data-derived insights allowing EY employees make data-informed decisions to provide optimal client service.

One of Arria's offerings, NLG Studio, a self-service tool for developers made available in the cloud or on-premise, enables access to its rules-based linguistic capabilities and software architecture, allowing EY to deploy their own customized NLG systems.

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EY's Chief Innovation Officer in the UK and Ireland for transaction advisory services, Rob Moody, said: "The advent of disruptive digital and intelligent automation technologies is fundamentally changing our role and the services we offer to our clients.

"By embracing disruptive technologies, such as AI, EY is well positioned to fundamentally change our operating model while producing consistent and high-quality reporting and analytics for our clients," he added.

Arria was founded in 2009 and uses AI technology for data analytics and information delivery for on-demand narratives, reports, financial analysis, reporting and business intelligence dashboards. The service can also be used “alongside other cognitive technologies such as conversation agents and virtual assistants,” the company said.

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