Expert Insight: 'Putting The Customer First Should Not Be Anything New To Designers And Developers'

We sat down with Andru Dunn, Senior UI Developer at John Lewis


Andru Dunn is a Senior UI Developer for the John Lewis Partnership. Having had many different roles at John Lewis, he has been working as a designer for the company since 2012 and is now developing technology to bring the next level of engagement to the national brand.

Ahead of the UX & UI Innovation Summit - where Andru is presenting on the customer first approach and maintaining consistency across technologies - we sat down with Andru to talk all things UX & UI, with a particularly customer-centric approach.

Tell us a little bit about the topic you’re looking to cover at the summit

Maintaining design and development quality whilst scaling and fragmenting teams can be tough. Ensuring approaches are aligned can be achieved from a level of governance, and a North Star principle – customer first. Regardless of the differences in technology we use for projects, this principle guides us to create consistently great experiences online.

Why do you think this will be important for UX Designers moving forward?

Putting the customer first should not be anything new to designers and developers, but it can be forgotten, or overlooked when creating a new feature or prioritising your backlog. It's key we ensure the customer is central to our decisions in order to make great products, and we've found by doing so you make more coherent products, even when teams aren't necessarily co-located nor on the same tech stack.

Are there any aspects of UX/UI that you feel are currently being poorly served?

I think accessibility compliance is sadly still not part of every UI developers workflow, and as a community, those who don't are excluding a lot of people. It's part of the fabric of my day to day job, and I hope it becomes more of an expected standard.

What are the elements of modern UX Design that excite you the most?

I really like progressive web apps and what we can start to serve users in an offline state. I think there is a lot of room for interesting and useful things we can offer users on patchy and lie-fi networks.

Any other presentations you’re really looking forward to hearing at the summit and why?

I'm looking forward to hearing Tiago Marques speaking on 'Humanising Banks', as an avid fintech fan and daily Monzo user, I'm interested to see how established banks are approaching the disruption. I'm also looking forward to Emily Houghton's talk on Simplicity vs. Usability as it's something we often battle with, so it'll be nice to hear how others deal with the challenge.

You can hear more from Andru, along with many other leading UX & UI practitioners, at the UX & UI Innovation Summit this June 12-13 in London. To see the full schedule, click here.


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