Expert Insight: 'Create Stories With The Customers At The Core'

We sat down with Tony Chow, Creative and Content Marketing Director for APAC at Marriott


Tony Chow has spent the last 19 years working across a broad spectrum of leadership roles in the media and communications industry. His expertise includes digital media, branded content, and content marketing, with a focus on business development, consultancy, and stakeholder & partnerships' relations, as well as in content creation, production, curation, and marketing as Chief Content Officer and Chief Storyteller. 

Ahead of his presentation at the Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit this November 22-23 in Beijing, we sat down with Tony to talk all things digital, from social media to native advertising. 

Do you think that content marketing would have had the impact it has without social media?

Social media has certainly helped content marketing to further extend its reach - as a distribution channel, platform to help enhance the impact. As a whole, content marketing is helped by the internet and digital technology.

How are you monetizing your digital content and what are the major benefits of pursuing this strategy?

Valuable content will help drive trust, following, and community to eventual commerce (monetization). To monetize, it is essential to produce consistently useful and authentic content to build relationships, engagement, and connection with the targeted audience. The major benefits are trust for the brands, leading to brand love and long-term investment to monetization.

How do you ensure you are creating platform-specific content while maintaining quality and originality?

By focusing on the customers, and knowing where they frequently visit - the platforms/channels they are on - you can customize high quality and targeted content to address their needs. Create stories with the customers at the core and center. 

We have seen native advertising grow dramatically over the last few years - how do you see this progressing and what is your approach for the future?

This phenomenon will continue to grow - as well as inbound marketing to generate more effective targeting with interest - as part of the marketing funnel. We will continue with inbound marketing, with an objective of personalization so we can be more effective to reach our targeted customers.

How important is it to have a content marketing strategy in 2017?

Very important if you want to continue to be relevant, and to be more effective in reaching your targeted audience who are active online and who have more choices, and by creating relevant, authentic and high quality content to help solve their concern, provide useful solutions along their purchasing journey, you can build a relationship and trust with them.

You can hear more from Tony, along with other industry-leading digital executives, at the Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit this November 22-23. For more information, click here.


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