Expert Insight: 'A Rich Social Graph Can Know More About What Two Friends Have In Common Than Themselves.'

We speak to Alan Tsui, Manager of Audience Analytics at Asia Miles


Ahead of his presentation at the Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit in Hong Kong on April 26 & 27, we spoke to Alan Tsui, Manager of Audience Analytics at Asia Miles.

Alan is responsible for end to end optimization of Asia Miles' online advertising budget. From onboarding and integrating first/second/third-party datasets to managing agencies and ad inventory, Alan ensures every dollar spent is performance driven. Prior to Asia Miles, Alan co-founded Kites, a data startup that was acquired by Asia Miles.

How did you get started in Marketing Analytics?

About five years ago, I co-founded a startup that aggregates point of interest data (e.g. restaurants, retail stores). In a turn of events, we were acquired by Asia Miles to help develop the company’s data infrastructure and capabilities.

As one of the leading loyalty programs in the world, Asia Miles helps brands capture share of wallet by engaging with our members based on their personality and history.

How have you seen analytics within marketing change over the last five years?

I'm more interested and focused on the upcoming five years. The trend towards personalized offers and messaging will become much more than demographic segmentation - gender, age, income, etc.

Computers and programs will be able to learn and predict an individual’s preferences based on billions of behavioral data points about him or her. From where one drives and flies to who he or she connects with on social media, companies that are able to process this data for targeted advertising will win market share.

Which innovations in the data science space have been the biggest “game-changers” in your opinion?

For marketing, social graphs is definitely one of them. Led by Facebook, a social graph is a map of every person’s relationship with each other, which can be drilled down to behaviors and interests. In other words, a rich social graph can know more about what two friends have in common than themselves.

Perhaps some may not like to admit this, we are all influenced by others. Social graphs enable companies to target specific people who would be influential for a given product or service.

What challenges are you currently facing in audience analytics?

Change management.

Convincing senior management why data is important and to invest in technology is the easier part. As most marketers are not also technologists yet, managing transformation internally and overcoming resistance to change has been the hardest part.

What can our audience expect from your presentation at the event in Hong Kong?

Instead of “why”, my presentation will steer towards the “how”. How can you leverage data to multiply your company’s online advertising return-on-investment?

You can catch Alan's presentation at the at the Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit in Hong Kong on April 26 & 27.


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