eSport firm introduces tokenized tournaments platform

Megafans introduces a new eSport gaming platform for mobile gamers with tokenized prizes on offer


Megafans, an online eSports gaming platform, has developed its first eSports tournament prototype for mobile games where gamers can compete for tokenized rewards.

The new platform aims to offer players worldwide a mobile gaming option and integrates US dollars and blockchain cryptocurrencies for security purposes to avoid other FIAT (fiduciary money) currency issues which has allegeded is slowing global ecommerce growth.

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Megafans CEO Jeffrey Donnelley said: "The digital games market already knows that competitive eSports for prize pools is an emerging growth market so, offering that type of product on every mobile device in the world with tokenized prizes and exploiting this growth channel is an amazing opportunity. We are glad to be the first platform to figure this out in a unique way."

According to Megafans, testing of its prototype started to measure baseline downloads and retention of 1Q18. The results will be analyzed to updated versions which is said to enable simplified, timed tournaments for tokenized prizes.

Additionally, in completion of the beta version, Megafans is developing a gamer relationship management (GRM) platform, which according to the app's developers, is the first of its kind. GRM will aim to provide real-time market feedback for 1Q19 for its global market rollout.

According to global gaming intelligence firm, Newzoo, the gaming industry is set to increase at a CAGR rate of 4.1% by 2021 resulting in a forecasted $39bn industry.

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