EOS Nation provides "insight into the power of blockchain"

UK blockchain ambassador Wayne Lloyd speaks to Innovation Enterprise's Simorin Pinto ahead of the Digital Marketing Innovation Summit in London


Blockchain technology has the potential to create an impact across various different industries. According to the World Economic Forum, 10% of global GDP will be stored on blockchain by 2027.

Innovation Enterprise spoke to Wayne Lloyd, UK blockchain ambassador for EOS Nation, a community of EOS innovators, ahead of his presentation at the Digital Marketing Innovation Summit in London later this year.

Innovation Enterprise: What is the importance of blockchain awareness?   

Wayne Lloyd: In my opinion, blockchain awareness offers knowledge into how the industry, company or your own experiences as a customer can be changed for the better. Ignoring its potential is almost like ignoring the potential of the internet in the early 1990s.

IE: How has the UK positioned itself in terms of blockchain innovation adoption and how does it stand to benefit by being at the forefront of this digital currency revolution?

WL: The blockchain community in the UK is amazing and there are some fantastic companies. You can attend meet-ups and breakfast meetings seven days a week, if you choose to do so, covering a wide variety of topics relating to how blockchain is going to change the world across all industries; however, the reality is that many companies are still slow to realizing blockchain adoption.

It is by no means attributed to market conditions. The regulators are very much pro-blockchain and pro-innovation across all technology. However, the UK government is running various proof-of-concepts using blockchain technology. Once the 'killer-app' is built, I believe the market conditions within the UK will help foster an explosion of blockchain innovation and I'm really excited to be part of that.

IE: In your opinion how is blockchain transforming marketing strategies?

WL: I still don't believe that marketing strategies are being transformed by blockchain at this particular moment in time. Many companies are having exploratory conversations about blockchain and I have been meeting regularly with CEOs of marketing agencies keen to learn about the technology, but I'm still not sure if we're yet at the point of mass adoption. People are still learning, but those that recognize the potential of blockchain the quickest will have a huge advantage over their rivals.

IE: Why have you chosen to be a blockchain ambassador for EOS Nation?

WL: I chose EOS Nation as its aligned with my own values. The founders are brilliant to work alongside and we all do it because we all passionately believe blockchain is going to change the world for the better; while they are the only block producer on the EOS Network that has a 'round-the-world' team, so to speak, with a representative in countries including Canada, the US, the UK, Nigeria, Ukraine and Switzerland.

"The opportunity to speak to blockchain enthusiasts around the world every day really provides an insight to the power of blockchain, particularly in areas where our representatives have less than stable governments."

IE: What does EOS's project aim to accomplish?

WL: EOS aims to be the world's first, self-governed blockchain project with the speed and scalability required for enterprise adoption. It is well on its way to achieving that and is now the most active blockchain in the world.

IE: Finally, what messages do you hope to convey to delegates at the Digital Marketing Innovation Summit?

WL: My hope is that I allow delegates to come away from the event feeling more comfortable about what blockchain actually is, with an understanding of the potential the technology can offer.

To find out more about the digital market, you can watch Tamar Riley speak at Innovation Enterprise's Digital Marketing Innovation Summit in London on October 3–4, 2018.

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