Enhancing Your Brand Story Through Digital Strategies

We look at how brands are telling stories through their digital strategies


Regardless of whether you're a Digital Media convert or not, there's little doubt that it has had an effect on the way companies interact with their consumers. Now more than ever, an emphasis is placed on a brands ability to 'tell a story' to its customers, whilst also developing a rapport with them that goes further than a simple Q+A session.

Ford for example has developed a sophisticated digital marketing strategy that makes the 110 year old car manufacturer look as relevant as ever. Through genuinely funny Vines and an Instagram profile which promotes the company's history, there's a really original and inventive feel to Ford's content, which enhances the brand's story.

Burberry, the British fashion house, are also keen digital innovators. With the brand's management team eager to transform its image, after it had been damaged by its association with 'Chavs', a derogative British stereotype used to define a section of society linked with alcohol abuse and unemployment, they turned their fortunes around, with digital media central to Burberry's reignited relevance.

Burberry teamed up with Google to deliver a new interactive campaign called, Burberry Kisses. An interactive experience that allows users to send letters sealed with a virtual kiss to loved ones across the globe. Although some have labelled it 'gimmicky', it's been a huge success, with The Guardian calling it a 'a cleaver and charming example of humanising technology in order to interact with the consumer in a more personal way'.

The 'Burberry Kisses' campaign isn't the only digital endeavour that they have looked at, with live-streamed catwalk shows and a burgeoning social media presence culminating in a highly successful brand which has continued to make profits throughout the recession, with £2 billion in revenue alone in 2012.

As demonstrated by the Ford and Burberry examples, digital media is playing a significant role in major corporations ability to tell their brand's story. Digital media will never be the be all and end all for successful companies, but it can have an essential say in the way a brand develops. 


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