Endor predictions tool aims to democratize access to AI

New platform makes business predictions using AI, blockchain and social physics technology to bring access to AI to the masses


Endor, an Israel-based automated predictions engine that leverages blockchain infrastructure and social physics technology, has launched AI-enabled Endor Protocol which will aim to give businesses and individuals the opportunity to analyze large datasets and generate automated business predictions.

Founded by MIT researchers in 2014, Endor uses AI to analyze big data to expose customer behavior patterns and counts a number of Fortune 500 companies among its customers.

Endor advisor Charles Hoskinson, who is also CEO of decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project Cardano, remarked: "Endor's platform makes AI-powered business predictions scalable and accessible to the masses.

"This is an important step towards democratizing access to AI and data science, as such advanced technologies were previously available only to large companies with deep pockets."

Endor Protocol has the ability to generate instantaneous predictions that help to detect patterns in customer behavior across a range of industries, and uses social physics technology to compute on encrypted data streams.

Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, CEO and co-founder of Endor, said: "Our vision from the company's inception was to enable anyone, regardless of size and budget, to benefit from advanced AI and predictive analytics.

"Bringing our vision to life is a huge milestone and I'm proud of our team reaching this goal even earlier than expected. We now invite data owners to apply for potential data partnerships and join us in the AI revolution."

The first phase of Endor Protocol's launch will include raw ERC20 Token Standard and Ethereum blockchain data, and plans are already in place for data partners to be added to the ecosystem in the future.

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