Emerging trends for software developers within a digitally driven world

The field of software development market is constantly changing and has consequential impacts on careers


Software development careers are one of the hottest on the market right now because the demand is as high as ever and the future of the labor market is heading full speed into IT-based sectors. Those going into the field will definitely have a long list of opportunities, and the field continues to evolve as the years go on. So, if you're preparing to go into the field, what should you expect in the coming years?

The emerging areas of software development

The developer field is always changing in regard to job openings areas of expertise that is in demand. Software development is seeing most of its current demands in the artificial intelligence and blockchain. There are also great demands in cybersecurity and more recently in what's known as low-code or better known as more graphics-based user interface programming that can publish new apps immediately. Adding to that is the fact that business software is seeing a lot of demands for the software-as-a-service (SaaS) through the cloud or mobile app portals. The bottom line is current demands have come a long way from the days when software was disk-based and web development had its HTML novelties.

The changing training and qualifications of software developers

There is something you should know before you decide to enroll in a computer science program at a university and should take into consideration how prospective employers view qualified candidates for software developer jobs.

As the software development market and jobs are constantly evolving over time, being successful as a software developer means that you are not simply looking to move up in a company but laterally as well. This means as an IT professional you should be prepared for additional training and education throughout your career. Organizational structures are starting to change from the usual corporate structure to be increasingly decentralized. This also means the training you receive in the field will need to be more inclusive of multiple specialties rather than just one.

The growing salaries for software developers

One reason software development is going to become a more attractive field for future employees is that companies are starting to recognize their value and increasing salaries. Fortune did their own research on the subject and noticed that wages in the IT field were now growing to match the demand, and the average web developer salary is $96,370. However, location and job level play a huge role in this. Recent tax cuts have also opened the door for more bonuses and commissions.

In summary, the software development and IT field, in general, is a popular field and in high demand, but you need to have the flexibility to succeed. It won't likely only be the tasks and corporate governance aspects of the field that change, there could also be a completely new approach to running the office altogether. One area that will be paramount within software development companies is to heavily invest in cybersecurity given high probabilities of data breaches.

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